Curtis Grant focused on football season

The number two rated linebacker in the country, Curtis Grant out of Virginia, is having fun enjoying his high school football team's success. He talks with GBW about his season and what his thoughts are on recruiting.

Curtis Grant is a very mature young man. When talking with him he knows what he wants to say and what he does not. The Virginia product knows how to control what is coming out of 'his camp'. So when GoBlueWolverine asked him about recruiting and where he stands with colleges, our conversation went in another direction -- his high school football team.

"Well right now recruiting is kind of on hold because I am so focused on my high school football season. We are undefeated and we have a really good shot to be very successful this year. Right now I am just enjoying playing football with my boys -- we are having a real good time this season."

He is clearly a team-first guy -- his attention is on winning a state title with this being his last season of high school football. I did however come back to the question of how his recruiting is going, and he had some thoughts Michigan and their recruitment of him.

"I have had a chance to speak with Coaches Robinson and Braithwaite. I like both coaches, they are good guys. Michigan is losing their middle linebacker so I am keeping an eye on that. I want to see how things go for them and how they play."

As for other schools, they are all in the same boat -- he is just looking at them all.

"I have spoken with the coaches from Michigan, LSU, North Carolina and Florida as well as others. I have no favorites. I am just going to take things easy and get a feel of what's going on until my football season is over, and then jump into it at that time."

With all schools in the same position it gives them all a chance to have their presentations together. But certainly they will all have to wait until Curtis Grants focus is off of football and on to recruiting.

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