The Latest on the Lake Orion Prospects

I recently traveled to Lake Orion High School to chat with head football coach Chris Bell about his three division one prospects, Roger Allison, Will Johnson, and Trent Varva. I also had a chat with Roger Allison's dad about the latest on his recruitment. Photos added. Click for more.

I'd like to thank Coach Chris Bell for taking the time to arrange for the interview and photos.

For those who missed the earlier profile on the 3 Lake Orion kids by Jim S. (which included in depth coverage of all of their honors and seasons), it can be found here: Jim S. profile on the Lake Orion 3

Roger and Coach Bell

Tell me about Roger as a player.

He's an old-time throwback type of player. He's a very physical, tough, old-fashioned, hard-nosed type of linebacker. He runs well and is very strong. And, he has very good size.

On offense, he is a conventional North/South type of runner, but he IS a runningback. He's not just a big thug back there playing tailback. He has great feet and great vision. He really understands the cuts.

He rushed for over 1600 yards, averaged 7 yards a carry, and scored 21 touchdowns…and that was in limited duty. He wasn't a full-time starter until week 3. We tried using some other guys, but he was too good to keep out of the backfield.

Roger also is very good in the classroom. He has a 3.6 GPA.

Can you update us on his size and speed?

He runs in the low 4.7s. He's between 6'1 and 6'2" and weighs 225 pounds. He's running track this spring to improve his speed. He's doing well, but needs to learn how to use the blocks better.

Can you give us the latest on the schools involved in his recruitment?

Michigan is recruiting at LB. OKST likes him at fullback. Stanford likes him at FB, possibly running back. Roger is getting a lot of interest from a lot of schools. I've talked to coaches' form PSU, BC, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Michigan State has shown A LOT of interest.

I also spoke with Roger's dad recently and he updated us on how things have progressed since Roger's interview with Tom Beaver a few weeks ago (March 13 update on Roger Allison)

Have you attended or been invited to a Spring Practice since our last contact?

We were actually at the practice Saturday.

Does he have any offers up to this point?

No, but with Michigan State it's just a formality. He'll be visiting Penn State soon as well.

Where do things stand with Michigan?

He's supposed to sit down with Coach Carr the weekend of the Nike Camp to talk about things.

What school was his favorite growing up?

We've always been Michigan fans.

Coach Bell, tell me about Will Johnson.

Will is your typical dominating player. He's 6'4" and a chiseled 285. He plays strongside DE and LB for us. We will also play him at RT next year. He has very good feet and very good speed for his size. He's strong as they come. He already bench presses over 400 pounds. He squats over 500 pounds. Plus he's a great student with a 3.8 GPA.

Will and Coach Bell

I refer to both he and roger as having constant motors. They're always around the football. They constantly get after it. You will never see them take a play off.

Update us on the schools involved with him.

He's already got an offer from Indiana. Purdue is very interested, as is Northwestern. Northwestern is looking at him as either an OT or DT. Purdue and Indiana are looking at him as a DT. He's also receiving interest from MSU and the MAC schools.

Tell me about Trent Varva.

Trent is 6'3" 310 pounds. He plays guard and DT. He's very explosive. He's the most dominating offensive lineman I've ever seen. He finishes blocks. He's very fast for a big man. He has great hand speed. He has a great initial punch and is explosive out of his stance. He also has a GPA over 3.0.

Trent and Coach Bell

Who's recruiting him?

Northwestern is showing the most interest. They're trying to get him down for a visit and are very close to offering him.

What are your players' camp intentions?

Roger is definitely going to be attending the Michigan camp for sure. He'll also camp at MSU. With Will and Trent, it's going to depend upon how strong the interest is. Will will be camping at Indiana. They will basically be trying to get to wherever the offers are. They will all be at the Nike Camp on April 26.

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