Mag Excerpt: Bball Class Breakdown

The January issue of GoBlueWolverine the Magazine is the 2010/2011 Big Ten Basketball Preview. In this mag excerpt we highlight our basketball recruiting class breakdown with a panel of recruiting analysts. Commentary by's Brian Snow is featured here. Snow goes in-depth about the games of Trey Burke and Carlton Brundidge, how the two mesh, and more.

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Sam Webb:  Give me your thoughts on Trey Burke and his game and how he will fit in at Michigan?

Brian Snow:  "Trey (Burke), I've known him since eighth grade and the one word I would use to describe Trey is just a winner.  His school team won a state championship.  He led his AAU team to the 15-and-under national championship finals.  They won at 16 and under.  He always wins and there is something about that with him.  That's just the type of kid he is.  He's just a warrior on the floor who is going to lead his team to winning and the reason why is because he is a great defender.  He doesn't get a lot of credit for it like he should, but he gets after it on the defensive end and then he makes the shot.  Since I've been doing this in the state of Ohio, I've never seen a guy who makes big shots as consistently as he does and that includes guys like O.J. Mayo and Daequan Cook.  Now he is not the player that those guys are, but if you need to make a shot with the game on the line, you want Trey Burke taking it."

Sam Webb:  Break down Trey's game for me.  What does he do well and what improvements do you think he needs to make?

Brian Snow:  "Brian Snow:  "Offensively, he is a scoring point guard, but he is a point guard.  He is a shot maker.  He does know how to run a team and he gets other guys involved, but he is at this best when he's dominating the ball and making plays and a lot of the times that mean scoring.  Defensively, like I said, an on the ball defender, takes pride in it, tenacity.  He's not a great athlete.  He's a solid athlete.  He's not the strongest kid.   He is strong enough, but he just has that desire to be a great defender. (Improvements)… he needs to be a more consistent shooter as far as from minute one to minute 40, be more consistent on his shot.  He can go through some streaks where he can really struggle in that regard.  Also just get stronger physically develop.  He's a little bit limited athletically and physically right now, so improve himself in those areas will go a long way to helping him in the Big Ten."

Sam Webb:  One thing that I really like about Trey above anything else in watching him over the years is that he is a kid that plays with a lot of swagger.  At the same time, that emotion can get the better of him sometimes.  What do you think of that aspect of his game… the attitude, the "dog" that he plays with?

Brian Snow:  "In a vacuum I think it is fine.  In fact, I think it is great… and quite honestly it is what I think Michigan needs.  They got some guys on that team that are more passive individuals that don't have that complete swagger, even an intense. Even though Novak is intense, I've seen him almost knock himself out on the floor.  He does not have that natural swagger that a guy like Trey does and I think that is really important for a team to have especially in a point guard that the guy whether he is or not, thinks he is the best player on the floor and thinks he is going to lead his team to a win."

Sam Webb:  Let's transition into talking about Carlton Brundidge.  What do you think he is going to bring to the table for Michigan?

Brian Snow:  "I think Carlton will do well.  People questions him because he is a 6'1" two guard and he does all of his damage going to the rim but you cannot doubt the production he has both in high school and AAU.  The kid just gets buckets.  What you want is if you can get buckets, you can get buckets.  I don't think that will change at any point.  He is just one of the top pure scorers in this class."

Sam Webb: Do Carlton and Trey have games that mesh?  How do they fit together?

Brian Snow:  "I think they'll fit fine. They both are big scorers naturally.  Trey does like to get others involved and Carlton is fine being a two.  I think it will be fine.  It is a little bit different than what Beilein has recruited to Michigan in the past couple of years and I think that is a good thing to mix it up and have different parts."

For the rest of this interview with our panel of basketball recruiting analysts, an in-depth preview of every Big Ten opponent, a look ahead to the top basketball prospects in the state of Michigan in the classes of 2012 and 2013, check out the next issue of GoBlueWolverine The Magazine. In the meantime, don't miss the current issue featuring intensive non-conference opponent previews, an in-depth interview with Michigan's assistant basketball coaches, a closer look at the Wolverines current crop of freshmen, and much much more.

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