Cameron Gordon wants to play wherever needed

Cameron Gordon talks about "scoop and score," and about the many position changes he's been through as a Wolverines.

Question: What were you thinking when you scooped up that ball up and saw the open field in front of you?

Cameron Gordon: "Scoop and score just like we were taught in little league, scoop and score so that's what I did. So it was a great play."

Question: Adam Patterson said he was out in front of you urging you on; what were you guys talking about?

Cameron Gordon: "I'll tell you what we were talking about during the play. He was telling come on, come on, come on. I was like aw man, I was starting to look back to see if someone was about to catch me or whatever and then as soon as we got into the end zone, it was kind of like celebrate. It was great. I was kind of surprised the whole thing, I was kind of like oh wow I just scored."

Question: What has this year been like for year as a first time starter to kind of grow throughout the year and learn on the fly and be out there as much as you want?

Cameron Gordon: "I guess it has just been a whole learning experience. I kind of just want to help the team. That was my whole goal and it is good to see that I'm doing that. I really can't answer your question, as far as just wanting to help the team."

Question: Have the change to hybrid been good for?

Cameron Gordon: "Oh yeah I feel it has been good for me. If it's good for the team, it's good for me. I'm a football player and I just want to play. There is really nothing to it."

Question: Is there much of a difference?

Cameron Gordon: "I would say the only difference is that you don't have to worry about getting beat deep or anything like that. Everything is coming at you fast and it is not too many open field tackles. Everything gets pretty contact and everything."

Question: What about your style of play that makes you an effective spur?

Cameron Gordon: "I would just say being physical and wanting to be an attacker. I think that would be one of my strengths."

Question: What led to the decision to move you down there and what was your reaction when you knew you were going to make the switch?

Cameron Gordon: "My reaction was okay. It really wasn't a conversation. Coaches told me and I was like okay and I just started playing it."

Question: Are all the position changes a little overwhelming?

Cameron Gordon: "Not really. It goes back to me saying just being a football player, playing football. That's the joy that I have inside of me is just loving to play."

Question: Is one more complex than the other?

Cameron Gordon: "All of them have their strengths and weakness. I'm not the best player ever, but some of them I could be good in one area and some not so good. That's about it."

Question: Can you talk about the strengths of Wisconsin's office?

Cameron Gordon: "We really have not looked deep into looking into them yet with today being Monday or whatever. I think they have some pretty good backs and their O-line is big or something. I don't know we'll see how it looks this week."

Question: What goes through your mind when they put up 83 on Indiana?

Cameron Gordon: "This is a good team. That's about it. You just really need to see how they are going to play this week against us. They put up 83 against Indiana, not against us. We just got to see how that goes."

Question: Being a guy that likes to be physical does it kind of excite you at all to know that you are going to see 250 pound John Clay running the up the middle straight at you?

Cameron Gordon: "Mano-a-mano. It happens, it happens. We'll see if the opportunity presents itself. But yeah I am excited. I am excited."

Question: The other defense players have come to the podium and said that in the last couple of weeks, there has been more confidence and more swagger on the defense side of the ball. Have you seen that and what was the light switch that triggered that?

Cameron Gordon: "I think it was just the attitude. I don't care attitude in a positive way. I don't care where the ball. I don't care what the offense is doing. I don't care if they just scored. It is just an attitude that has just presented itself since two weeks ago. I think that is what we're going to just have throughout these next games is that type of attitude."

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