Kelvin Grady: "We're not content."

Kelvin Grady talks about Denard Robinson, about turnovers, and about wanting more wins.

Question: He threw the gauntlet down, he challenged you on the wardrobe category, Daryl Stonum.

Kelvin Grady: "Oh yeah he challenges me a little bit. We have fun, but I'm going to take the title back and rechallenge him."

Question: You have had 10 turnovers the last two games and with Wisconsin controlling the clock, how important is it in the limit time that the offense has the ball to hold on to the ball?

Kelvin Grady: "It is going to be very important for us to take care of the ball and every game it is important to take care of the ball, in every game it is important to take care of the ball have as limited turnovers as possible. It is going to be important. We're going to work on it. Get in practice, watch film and take care of some of those things."

Question : What did you think when you saw that score last week, the Wisconsin score? You see a team put up 83 points. Is that impressive?

Kelvin Grady: "It is impressive when you got any football team that can put up 83 points. I didn't really think much of it. Wisconsin is obviously a great team and you give credit where credit is due but it is not like I was scared or anything, worried. Our defense is getting better and better each week. I got faith in our defense and so does the rest of our team."

Question: How important is it for you to send the seniors out with a win in the final home game?

Kelvin Grady: "It's very important. We wish the best for all our seniors and we want great things to come for them in their senior year, last go around, last game in the Big House. We got bowl eligibility, so I'm sure they happy for that too. Of course, we wish the best for them in this last game and we all want to win. For them it might be a little bit more important."

Question: Denard Robinson had a tough day Saturday but what kind of determination and competitiveness have you seen with him on that final drive?

Kelvin Grady: "He is very determined. He's always been very determined. He has been determined all year. He has just been himself. Coach obviously called him back and he responded well."

Question: Can you talk about how motivated you guys are to continue to elevate your status for the post season and not be content on what is going to be a pretty good bowl regardless what happens if you beat Ohio State or beat Wisconsin?

Kelvin Grady: "Oh yeah. We're not content with anything. We going to come out and we got practice this week. We're watching film on Wisconsin and getting prepared to go in and battle. We're not content. We have two more games left before the bowl game and we're going to go out and fight in those two games and hopefully come out with a good outcome."

Question: How did it feel to go in and run that end-around?

Kelvin Grady: "I just try to stay ready for whenever he does call my number. It felt good to get around that corner and see a lot of daylight, but like I said, whatever is best for this team. He calls my number and I'll be ready."

Question: I was wondering with the wide receivers if there are some pass routes that they are more comfortable with and others they are less comfortable with or does it just not matter? I know with Mario Manningham he had his favorite routes, and I was just wondering if that is true generally for wide receivers.

Kelvin Grady: "You've got a lot of different routes. It depends on the player. Some players might like different routes than others, but we work on every route in practice, every day and getting our steps down. We never perfect them. It is nothing specific, no specific order or you are going to run this route or you going to run that route. If you are in that position and they happen to call that play and you got to run that route, you got to run that route."

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