Full Transcript: Roundtree, Denard, Rogers

Roy Roundtree, Denard Robinson and James Rogers come to the mic and talk about the loss.

Roy Roundtree

Question: What was happening in the first half when you guys couldn't seem to get it going on offense?

Roy Roundtree: "We tried to give it our best every play and we got to give our hats off to Wisconsin defense because they was stopped us. We had a lot of three and outs. They was controlling the ball. When they got on offense, we knew they were going to run the ball a lot and we found out, we probably had like five possessions in the first half."

Question: What did you in change in the second half?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah we went in there and made a lot of changes. When Coach Magee came in there, he just told us that basically we just stopped ourselves, so we got to go out there and play Michigan football. The second half just try to go out there and do what he told us to do."

Question: The drops, is there some specific thing or why were you guys dropping the balls?

Roy Roundtree: "Lack of focus, people just trying to catch it and go. Something that we really got to work on, really focus on. The balls are there but as wide receivers you got to catch those balls. Once they're thrown your way that is what you are out there for to catch the balls."


Denard Robinson

Question: Did you have an injury at the end?

Denard Robinson: "No. Coach just took me off."

Question: Why did you guys struggle in the first half?

Denard Robinson: "We came out kind of flat. We came out a little flat and that's basically what happened. You can't come out flat against a good team like that."

Question: Why do you think that happened?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know. I don't have a reason."

Question: That throw to Daryl Stonum in the first half when he got behind the defense, did that get tipped or were you just pressured on that?

Denard Robinson: "Which one, the one I missed?"

Question: Yeah.

Denard Robinson: "I just got too anxious. I was ready to make a good throw and overthrew."

Question: Can you see the difference in the team in getting closer to teams like this? Can you see the difference between Wisconsin and you guys right now?

Denard Robinson: "What do you mean, what are you trying to say?"

Question: The difference whether it is the style of play or talent level…

Denard Robinson: "Every team will come in here and fight. I don't see a difference. Everybody has come in and fight and they fought us too."

Question: You ran the ball better today than you have in a while; what was it?

Denard Robinson: "I don't know. I felt good today. My offensive line was blocking good and God was with me."

Question: Did you hear that you broke the NCAA record for most rushing yards for a quarterback? Denard Robinson: "It don't mean nothing to me right now. We getting ready to play Ohio State and that's it."

Question: Can you talk about the problems that JJ Watt caused you guys off the end?

Denard Robinson: "He's a great defensive end and hats off of to him."

Question: Tough to see the seniors go out like this on their last day?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah it was tough to see them. We got one more game and then a bowl game. We can redeem ourselves."


James Rogers

Question: What was it that made it tough to stop the run against those guys?

James Rogers: "It really wasn't that tough about it. We were in position, we fought with them, but we just got to make those tackles that's all."

Question: You went down in the first half what was your injury?

James Rogers: "It was just a shoulder stinger. It stung my arm a little bit and just had go get my feeling back and I was alright."

Question: When you made the interception and the offense started to come back in the second half, did you guys think you might be able to pull off what you did a couple of years ago?

James Rogers: "Oh yeah. Of course we thinking about scoring. We didn't give them enough time. If they would have had a little more time, I'm sure they would have scored."

Question: Can you talk about how many times they ran straight against you without even throwing a pass and why the defense couldn't react to that when they seemed to know that the next play was going to be a running play. They had 27 or 28 straight running plays.

James Rogers: "We knew they was going to come out and hit us straight in the face and we fought back with them and just got to make tackles."

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