Mike Martin shares his true feelings re OSU

Mike Martin holds nothing back about Ohio State ... and what's this about the defense and a stuffed animal?

Question: What have you had to go through the last couple of months to try and get on the field each week?

Mike Martin: "A lot of time in the training room and rehabbing. I've been struggling a lot with my ankles this season, which has been a pain but it is something that I got to fight through and I'm doing a good job mentally with just trying to play with it and do as much as I can and coaches are real understandable with during the week with how much I practice and stuff like that. Ono another note, I've just been trying to be the best leader as I can. If I can't practice with the guys just helping them out as much as possible. Adam Patterson, give him tips and things like that. He did a great job against Purdue. He really stepped up and did a great job."

Question: As a proud guy from the state that has loved Michigan for a long time, what has Ohio States dominance in this rivalry done to you?

Mike Martin: "It is tough. Obviously being on the team and being a fan, any fan doesn't like that. We're just doing whatever we can to reverse it. That is all you can do. That's the thing about rivalries. It goes back and forth. It is always going to be a great game. We're always going to play…it's hard. I always think, no matter the team how much talent they have each year, I think it always kind of evens out because it is one of those games, no matter what the season or what their record is, it is always a great game because it is always going to be fought hard."

Question: Do you ever hear from former teammates and alumni about how important this game is and to stop the streak?

Mike Martin: "Yeah I've heard from a lot of guys, older guys and stuff that talk to me. I talked to a few guys that played back in the 1950s and 1960s. It's amazing talking to guys like that. They were in my shoes a while ago, not a while ago. We're going to play as hard as we can and try to make those guys proud."

Question: How would it feel to be the team to stop the streak?

Mike Martin: "It will feel really good. We've overcome a lot of things this season I think and if we just keep trying to improve each week and play as hard as we can anything's possible. We're going into this game just ready to play hard."

Question: There is a streak for Ohio State that they won five consecutive Big Ten Champions and they are going for their sixth this year. Does that motivate you that maybe you can stop their dominance atop the Big Ten?

Mike Martin: "For us, it is not about Ohio State. It is about us and what we do. We don't go into this game, let us spoil Ohio State's season. It is all about us and how well we play for each other. Everybody on the team, we're playing for each other. We're doing whatever we can and we're going to control what we can control. However, that affects whatever opponent we play that's the way it plays out. It starts with us first."

Question: What is the key to stopping Ohio State's offense?

Mike Martin: "I think it is going to start with us down in the trenches. Our D-line against their O-line and vice versa. If we can force Terrelle Pryor to move his feet. I know he does well back there, but just get him to think and get him off rhythm, get their offense off rhythm. I haven't really watched a lot of film. It is early in the week, but I think it is just going to start with us getting pressure and our D-line just go get back there and wreck some havoc."

Question: Do you guys hate Ohio State?

Mike Martin: "I think they hate us and we hate them. That is just how it is and that's what it is and I think that's what makes it so special. There is so much dislike and that why you get the best from each team, each year no matter what. That's why each team is going to play the best and as hard as they can and that's what makes the game so great."

Question: What is it like to play with two injured ankles?

Mike Martin: "It's tough, especially being a D-lineman. You're constantly trying to push off and go forward and get pressure and stuff. It has been a big mental thing with me. I've been talking to a couple of guys who have had ankle injuries before, you just got to play through it. Just tape it up and just play, hopefully that adrenaline kicks in."

Question: How much does it limit your impact?

Mike Martin: "Injury is tough. It keeps any guy from not being 100%. It has hampered me naturally, but I still try to contribute as much as I can to the team."

Question: Does one feel better than the other?

Mike Martin: "Yeah one is definitely better than other. The other one is not a problem. It is only one now."

Question: Are you excited to know that you can help Michigan State and they will be rooting for you next week?

Mike Martin: "Yeah that's kind of cool, but like I said that's why I'm not worried about what anyone else is saying or doing. This whole week of practice is going to be about us improving what we can do and on the defensive side of the ball, just working hard with Coach Robinson and the rest of the coaches to get better this week."

Question: What is your favorite motivational things that a coach has done since you've been here this week against Ohio State?

Mike Martin: "The coach always says…because the freshmen do not really know about it. Their young and they'll figure it out. If you cannot get motivated for this game, I don't know why you play football or why are you even here. I think the freshmen are going to find out today because today is the first practice. There is just going to be a different sense of intensity. You can just feel it in the air. It is just something that I think you really don't need a motivational speech or to get excited for because I'm getting excited right now just talking about it. It is just something that you feel. I'm excited, I can't wait."

Question: For Ohio State to leapfrog Wisconsin in the BCS standing to get a Rose Bowl berth, will most likely have to embarrass you and just completely you guys off the football field, do you take that as a personal challenge not to let that happen? Do you take that as a personal offense that they are not going to want to hold up and keep this score close that they are going to want to route you guys as much as they can to leapfrog Wisconsin if nothing else.

Mike Martin: "We're not going to get ran off the field, that's not going to happen. We're never going to stand down. Our offense, our defense, our special teams, we play hard. Coach always talks about having hard edge and that's not going to happen. That's not us. That's not our team and we won't allow that to happen."

Question: What do you think they are going to do? Do you think they are going to pound the ball at you? Do you think they are going to mix it up?

Mike Martin: "They're going to play hard. They're going to have a couple things that we haven't seen on film, tricks maybe up their sleeve, which we have to adapt to and be ready for, but I think in the end they are going to come right at us and we're going to come right at them. It is going to be exciting."

Question: What was Greg Robinson shaking a stuffed animal at the defense all about…

Mike Martin: "Naw it is a secret. That's kind of our thing. That's the defenses thing. I can't talk about that (laughter). That's got to stay in our room."

Question: It does exist though?

Mike Martin: "If you see I guess it exists (laughter)."

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