Interview with Stan Edwards (part 4)

In the final report on my time over the past few weeks at the Maximum Output practices, we present a few pictures of the workouts (including pics of Michigan commit Morgan Trent and walk-on Tyrone Jordan).

For those who missed the first three installments of the report, they can be found here:
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Stan works his youngsters out in the sand.

The boys perform their lunges.

In the meantime, Stan has the girls warm up on the track.

I got a chance to observe Stan both coaching Morgan Trent and Tyrone Jordan, and putting them through stretches and warm ups.

Stan instructs Morgan (black shirt) and Tyrone (white shirt) on proper technique.

Stan indicated in one of the previous stories (Part 2) the correlation between upper-body flexibility and stride length. Tyrone, who isn't as far along in his training with Stan as Morgan, is getting a feel for the stretches.

Observe how much farther down Morgan can reach (a feat that Tyrone will eventually achieve).

Morgan helps Tyrone with another stretch.

Again, observe how much farther Morgan can stretch.

Stan demonstrates the starting point in the behind-the-back stretch with Tyrone.

Here, Morgan demonstrates the goal! Notice the clasped hands!

Stan demonstrates the high knee jog as the guys prepare to loosen their legs up.

Prior to stripping down to their track garb, Tyrone and Morgan loosen up with a brisk jog.

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