OSU Postgame: Kovacs & Van Bergen

Michigan defenders Jordan Kovacs & Ryan Van Bergen discuss the Wolverines' 37-7 loss to Ohio State. The duo share their thoughts on their unit's early success, why their performance waned, the impact of chatter about their coach's job security, and more.

Question:  You guys got stops on the first few drives… what changed?

Jordan Kovacs:  "They're a good football team and I'm sure they made their adjustments. We just didn't play well or in the second quarter.  We didn't take advantage of the poor field position at times.  It is what it is."

Question:  Did the locker room feel differently after this game after the other ones this year?

Ryan Van Bergen:  "It obviously hurts a little more when it is Ohio State.  You want to be able to represent the university and you want the seniors to go out with a win, especially these guys because they have not beat them before and we got to take personal responsibility.  Everybody has to be accountable, nobody felt good after this game today.  It is unfortunate, but it is also positive and hopefully we will turn it around and send the seniors out with a win in a bowl game."

Question:  Why do you think you didn't play your best game today?

Ryan Van Bergen:  "I couldn't tell you.  We had a good mentality going into practice, had a good game plan.  It was just mental errors, mental mistakes, just something that you don't wish upon anyone but for some reason kind of played this a little bit in the second half of the season."

Question:  Do you guys ever get caught or distracted about all the talk about your head coach?   Is that a factor at all?

Jordan Kovacs:  "No not at all.  We don't concern ourselves with that."

Ryan Van Bergen:  "We as a group focus on controlling what we can control and that is outside of our control.  We control how hard we play and how well we execute.  That's our job.  We have to maintain our focus on that.  We can't get distracted by something like that."

Question:  Can you talk about the interception before the half and did you think that you were going to be able to take that all the way back?

Jordan Kovacs:  "I think it was like third and goal from like the 18.  I knew that he just had a shot at the goal or the end zone and sure enough he did.  He just broke on the ball and I thought I might have a chance to return it, but I didn't make it far enough."

Question:  The corners did a really good job against their running game, the running back in the first half; what was the key to that?

Ryan Van Bergen:  "I think we had a good game plan coming in.  We kind of utilized more of a four man front, put a little bit more size up against their line and we gave them problems with some of our stunts and stuff.  It's been said that we don't have the athleticism on the defensive front seven, but I think we made some plays, the front seven to stop the run.  They had obviously got one or two big hitters but for the most part we were pretty stout in the run game and I think that is something to hang your hat on to me." 

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