Sat. AM TJBlog: Okay then, summing up

Okay then, summing up all six TJBlogs from last night (on The One Team, on The Dee, on The Bowl, on The Recruiting Weekend, plus a coupla eye-pokes), and adding a little to The Dee.

Sat. AM TJBlog

Okay then, summing up

The main thing is that our "One Team, One Coach" is on very thin ice now, as of yesterday. A smashing win in the Bowl Game might save him ... that's what it now looks like. And I repeat this because it's important - and saying it is no longer a distraction because the limbo-itself is "the distraction" for the game.

Will that smashing win have to be over Tennessee in the Gator Bowl? Stay tuned. Auburn-USC is still to play so a USC upset would cloud everything.

Look for David Brandon to play his usual role in this recruiting weekend IMO -- there have been many questions to me about this, that's why I'm repeating it.

The Dee: the odds on him ending up at Michigan aren't zero, but they aren't good either. He hasn't 'officially' decommitted, but he certainly isn't committed either. "The limbo" is "The Issue." **Best thing would be if he decided not to graduate in December ... which might happen (as it might with Avery Walls)**.

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