Farmington Hills Harrison Junior Kyle Taylor

I recently visited perennial power Farmington Hills Harrison to chat with legendary head coach John Herrington about his division 1 prospects for the upcoming year (they always have a few). One is defensive back Charles Stewart and the other is 6'4" 240 lbs. jumbo athlete Kyle Taylor.

Coach Herrington and Kyle took time before batting practice to chat with me and it's greatly appreciated. (Charles wasn't available that day, but I was able to catch up with him on another occasion at the Huron Relays.) Here are the significant portions of my Q&A with the jovial coach and his reserved player.

What positions do you play?

I play TE, DE, DT.

Tell me about how you did last year.

Well, I had a pretty good season on defense. On offense I need to improve a little on my receiving skills, but I still did pretty well there also. I got better as the season went along.

Can you give me your height, weight, forty time?

6'4", 240lbs, and I run a 4.7 forty.

What position to you project yourself at in college?

I'll probably play TE in college.

What schools are you hearing from?

I'm hearing from Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Kentucky, and Western Michigan.

Who has been recruiting you for Michigan?

I've received letters from Bill Sheridan.

Any offers thus far?

No, not yet.

Where will you be camping?

I plan to be at the Michigan camp this summer. I'll also be at the Nike camp. I'll probably attend others, but those are the only two definites at this point.

Give me your impressions of Charles Stewart.

I think he's a very dynamic player. He has a lot of speed and really good hands. He also hits REALLY hard.

After speaking with Kyle, he left and Coach chatted with me a little longer about a few things, one of them being Kyle.

Tell me about Kyle as a player.

Well, first of all he's the strongest player on our team. He won our lift-a-thon, called Mr. Harrison, for benching the most. He's an excellent blocker. He's worked hard to improve his TE skills in terms of catching and route running because that's where a lot of schools are looking at him. In the big game vs. Lake Orion last year he actually came up with two big touchdown catches.

Tell me about Kyle off the field.

Off the field he really quiet. He's a good student, but not very vocal. That's the most I've ever heard him talk when he spoke with you!

We'll be keeping GBW readers posted on Kyle's camp performances this summer.

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