Morgan to Live Out Dream at UM

Holland (MI) West Ottawa LB/ATH Desmond Morgan has made no secret of his boyhood affinity for Michigan. So when he was presented with the chance be a part of the program he grew up loving, he just couldn't pass the opportunity up. The versatile youngster chatted with GBW about his official visit, the rumors about Rich Rodriguez's job status, and more.

Sam Webb:  I'm sure you know that everyone has seen your facebook page by now.  When did you arrive at your decision?

Desmond Morgan:  "(Laugher) Actually, I arrived at it probably late last night.  I thought about it a little bit more today and then about halfway through the day I told my dad that I wanted to make the call tonight and let the coaches know and everything like that."

Sam Webb:  What did it come down to?  Why is Michigan the school for you?

Desmond Morgan:  "What it came down to was that both places were pretty similar, great academics and I felt like both teams had great chemistry within themselves and I love both coaching staffs very much.  When it came down to it, Michigan is where I grew up.  It is a team that I've always dreamed about playing and it is not that often you get to live out your dreams.  I had to go with Michigan and truly felt at home on my visit and I knew last night after I walked away from it and thought about it a little more that that is where I belong."

Sam Webb:  It is definitely linebacker for you at Michigan?

Desmond Morgan:  "Correct."

Sam Webb:  Did they talk to you at all about where they want you to come in at weight wise and that kind of thing?

Desmond Morgan:  "No nothing specific as in weight or anything like that.   Coach Robinson went over a little bit of how they were looking at me to play a true MIKE linebacker.  He went over a little bit of that aspect with it, but as far as weight and things like that, they really didn't address it."

Sam Webb:  Give me your up to date measureables – height, weight, and forty time?

Desmond Morgan:  "When I was there this weekend, I was 6'1", 230 and my 40 is 4.65."

Sam Webb:  Take me back through the visit.  What did you think of the Big Chill at the Big House?

Desmond Morgan:  "It was great.  Any time you pack in 112 or 113,000 people in there, it is obviously quite an experience.  Watching a hockey game like that, world record kind of thing.  It was great.  It was fun to be a part of it.  They treated us great all weekend.  Friday night, they had dinner up in the boxes there above the Big House and then Saturday we went to Coach Rod's house and everything about it was all first class and I loved it."

Sam Webb:  What about your interaction with the players?  What was that like?

Desmond Morgan:  "Ray Vinopal was my host.  We hung out quite a bit with the freshman class actually.  One of the things that stood out to me was how tight those guys were with one another.  The great camaraderie that those guys had and the family type, brother like attitude.  I noticed that right off the bat and hanging out with Ray and the other players that were hosting as well.  We kind of stayed together most of the weekend, but those guys together were great.  You could tell that the team showed great chemistry and I like that part of it very much."

Sam Webb:  Did you get an opportunity to speak with the athletic director (Dave Brandon)?

Desmond Morgan:  "I did not speak with him.  He actually gave us a presentation and talked to use a little bit before the Big Chill on Saturday and he has kind of went over…they were talking about doing some different expansion things and renovations and things like that.  He kind of talked about that a little bit.  He gave us a presentation.  So he talked to a little bit."

Sam Webb:  Did anyone address all the speculation about Coach Rodriguez while you were there?

Desmond Morgan:  "No one addressed that.  Coach Rod came out and said, the evaluation of a coach after the season is standard procedure at Michigan.  The athletic director does that with every coach after every season.  In his eyes, it is just standard procedure just being evaluated just as any other coach would.  To be honest, I don't think that he is going to go.  Obviously, I want him to stay there, but my commitment is solid either way.  I'm playing for the school and hopefully the coaching staff as well.  I've have full confidence that they will be there.  Whatever happens, I'm going to stay committed to Michigan.  I'm committed to the school and I look forward to being there."

Sam Webb:  What is next for you?  Are you playing any other sports?

Desmond Morgan:  "I'm not playing a winter sport right now.  Spring, I'll probably pick up some baseball or track or something like that.  Right now it is just getting ready, lifting, speed training, stuff like, getting ready to play ball next fall."

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