Turf Announcement Made

As reported here last week, Michigan has made a decision on the artificial surface to be installed in Michigan Stadium.

After going through the selection process described in GBW's Update last week, Michigan officially announced today that FieldTurf will be the new surface intalled on Michigan's storied field of play. Further, Coach Carr addressed another element mentioned in our update last week during his press conference yesterday; the return of the block M to the middle of the field. When asked if he'd like to see the treasured emblem return to it's old resting place, the coach responded by saying, "Yes I would."

The cost of new surface (including removal of the current surface) is estimated to be $620,000, which is $230,000 under budget.

From Associate Athletic Director, Mike Stevenson:

"The decision to go with FieldTurf came after testing surfaces across the country. We evaluated all the products on the market and concluded that FieldTurf has a proven track record at many high school, college and professional venues. FieldTurf exceeds all of our expectations and specifications in the end and our players and coaching staff know what to expect from the field."

For more details on the surface, follow the "GBW Update", and "FieldTurf" links above. To view the official statement in it's entirety (and get further details on the selection process) click here.

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