Full Transcript: Tues Media Roundtable

The full transcript of today's video interviews with Denard Robinson, Roy Roundtree and Darryl Stonum.

Question: How healthy are you?

Denard Robinson: "I feel 100%."

Question: What kind of big plays have you guys been ripping off in practice. Are you making some pretty good runs in practice?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. I made a couple yesterday and a couple on Sunday. I feel pretty good."

Question: Do you need that proof….you can feel your body but when you do it in practice and say okay I'm back to kind of how I was at the beginning?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah. All the coaches said, you look like you back to 100%, so that is good to know."

Question: How banged up where you?

Denard Robinson: "I was banged up a little bit. I took a couple shots."

Question: What was worse the shoulder or the knee?

Denard Robinson: "I can't really tell you which one."

Question: How frustrating was that to go through that week to week something new it seemed like?

Denard Robinson: "It was frustrating but at the same time I had my teammates to pull me up and coaches too."

Question: At what point in this off time did you start feeling like you were 100%?

Denard Robinson: "Right after, like we had the week off and then we got back into drills."

Question: So the majority of the practices in the bowl practices you've been 100%?

Denard Robinson: "Yes sir."

Question: What do you make of Mississippi State University team speed on defense?

Denard Robinson: "They pretty fast. They get to the ball real fast. It is going to be a good game."

Question: Do you know anyone on their team?

Denard Robinson: "No I don't know anyone on that team."

Question: You weren't recruited by State were you?

Denard Robinson: "I was recruited by Dan Mullen."

Question: At Florida?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah."

Question: How close did you get to know him during that process?

Denard Robinson: "I basically committed to him and that's basically what happened. We had built a relationship. I'm probably going to be his quarterback one day or something like that."

Question: You decommitted did you have to talk to him about that? Is it hard?

Denard Robinson: "He had left to go to Mississippi State, so I really didn't talk to him about that."

Question: Was that a factor in your decision, him leaving?

Denard Robinson: "Not really.

Question: What changed your mind with Michigan over Florida?

Denard Robinson: "An opportunity at a better school I guess."

Question: Michigan is a better school?

Question: Have you guys been practicing cow bells still?

Denard Robinson: "Yeah, we still practicing with cow bells."

Question: How is that going?

Denard Robinson: "It's going good. It is fun."

Question: Is it annoying at any point?

Denard Robinson: "No not really."

Question: How does that work, you have somebody pipe it in over speakers, you got guys running up to you?

Denard Robinson: "They actually run up to you and shake it in your ear and stuff. It is kind of funny."

Question: Who gets that task? Who's job is that to ring it?

Denard Robinson: "Just anybody that is not doing anything."

Question: How long were you committed to Florida?

Denard Robinson: "Not for long. I just committed for a little bit and kind of backed out."

Question: What do you remember about Dan Mullen? What kind of guy was he?

Denard Robinson: "He was a nice guy. He was cool, real genuine."

Question: What did like about what he brought to the table x's and o's wise?

Denard Robinson: "The way he used (Tim) Tebow was perfect for me I guess."

Question: Does this feel a little extra special for you because you don't know if you are every going to be able to play in Florida again that this is your chance to play in your home state and everything?

Denard Robinson: "I guess, yeah I guess so."

Question: How many people do you have coming?

Denard Robinson: "Probably like 30 some people I think."


Question: (Is the offense looking like it did) maybe at the beginning of the year when you guys were sharp and everything was clicking?

Darryl Stonum: "Yeah. Practice still sharp. We had a lot of practices before we even (arrived in Florida). We just like to keep things positive, just going over the game plan. We just trying to stay positive and sharp just going over the game plan."

Question: Different though than the final few weeks of the Big Ten when you guys were struggling?

Darryl Stonum: "Yeah. The game plan is pretty simple, but it is very efficient. It is not too difficult. It is very good. As long as we execute the plays right, we shouldn't have any problems."

Question: How much does it boost the team morale just having Denard Robinson out there and seeing him healthy and be able to make those types of plays that he was doing at the beginning of the season?

Darryl Stonum: "It is big to see him finally out there at 100%. The shoulder is doing better. You can tell when he is putting more zip on the ball and he can make the passes that he was making the beginning of the season. Just his body language, he is up tempo, laughing around. You can tell at the end of the season that he was kind of like holding his shoulder. You could tell that he was grinding it out. Everyone is healthy, a lot of us are healthy, it is a good boost not just him but to everybody."

Question: As fast as he was early in the year?

Darryl Stonum: "Oh he never lost his speed. I think he got a little bit faster."

Question: Was he more banged up than we were told?

Darryl Stonum: "I'm not sure about all the details, but I know he was pretty banged up."

Question: As well as he runs the ball, is he maybe a little underrated as a passer do you think?

Darryl Stonum: "He is very underrated. Just as well as he runs, I think he passes just as well. He can make all the tough throws. He can make all the right reads. He can read coverages. I think he is a very underrated passer."

Question: He throws on the run a lot when he is scrambling. When he gets out of the pocket and you are running your route, do you all have a certain thing that you need to do when that happens just kind of break off your route and get open.

Darryl Stonum: "Yeah just get open. You never know where he is going to end up. He'll start off on one side, reverse field and come all the way to the other side. Everybody saw a lot of that beginning, like the Illinois game, he did a lot of scrambling. Whenever he scrambles, you just got to stay alive because you never know where he is going to end up."

Question: You all turn into backyard football sometimes?

Darryl Stonum: "Pretty much that's all it is."

Question: Did you see in some of those earlier practices getting some of the younger receivers, the freshman stepped up their game a little bit?

Darryl Stonum: "All the freshman are doing pretty good. Jeremy (Jackson) has been on the field. He has got a lot better. He is a lot better at reading coverages. I would have to say Jeremy has progressed a lot. He played a lot in the Ohio State game and it really helped his confidence. You can tell he is getting a lot better."

Question: What do you see from Mississippi State Universities corners and safeties from that you've seen on film?

Darryl Stonum: "They play a lot of cover-3, all athletic guys. A lot bigger than what we've faced in the Big Ten so far. They like to jam you a lot. It is a good challenge for the wide receivers."


Question: What did you see on film about the MSU defense?

Roy Roundtree: "Everyone goes to the ball from what I watched on film and they kind of seem competitive and know we just got be ready and prepare well come Saturday."

Question: How does their team speed compare to what you have all seen so far this year in the Big Ten?

Roy Roundtree: "They size up well. They pretty fast. Like I said before, they get to the ball. Just got to make sure that once we catch the ball and just go because we know that they coming after us."

Question: A lot of us have been talking about seeing a healthy Denard Robinson, you guys have been seeing him in practice, what does he look like right now?

Roy Roundtree: "It's great. He's not banged up any more. He's ready to go. He's just getting the offense ready and just being competitive out there on the practice field. So come Saturday it should be fun."

Question: Best play you've seen from him in bowl practices and he has broken one on the team?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. He's broke several."

Question: You guys say to yourselves, this is the guy that we saw at the beginning of the year?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah. Looking back at that, you don't see him in the trainers room no more with all the treatment and stuff so that is very helpful."

Question: Can you talk about his personality, what he is like in the huddle?

Roy Roundtree: "He's got a great personality. He is not a selfish, cocky quarterback. He just wants to help and he's funny. He always tries to get us going. I think that helps our offense."

Question: We talked to a couple of guys and they said it was hard to understand him sometimes because he always leaves his mouth guard in, is that true?

Roy Roundtree: "Yeah sometimes. He'll be calling plays and once we break the huddle, me and Junior (Hemingway) will say ‘what did he say?' We got to tune in, but we understand what he is talking about but sometimes it is bad (laughing)."

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