Postgame Presser Full Transcript: Denard 

Denard talks about the offensive troubles in the game ... then gets peppered with questions about Coach Rod's future, and his own.

Q. Did you expect it to go that way in the early part of the game? And what happened after that first quarter?
DENARD ROBINSON: I mean, we made a couple mistakes and they played well, so I can't...

Q. Denard, there's no secret that your coach is under scrutiny. What would you feel if he wasn't here next year?
DENARD ROBINSON: That's my coach. That's who recruited me, so that's it.

Q. What was the mood in the locker room afterwards considering all of the stuff that's going on about the future of the program?
DENARD ROBINSON: We're a team, we're going to be a family. We're going to hold each other up. We're not going to let each other fall. Everybody is going to pick each other up.

Q. Was it tough for the team to take?
DENARD ROBINSON: Oh, yeah, it was. It was a tough loss. The guys will come back to work for next year.

Q. You had such a fast start in the first quarter. Did they do something defensively?
DENARD ROBINSON: They didn't change anything different. We just didn't execute, that's all.

Q. Denard, can you compare their team's speed with some of the teams y'all have played?
DENARD ROBINSON: I mean, they looked like all the Big Ten teams. They were right in there with us and they was playing with us, so there wasn't no difference.

Q. Was there some point when State's defense started to figure out what you were doing before you did?
DENARD ROBINSON: No, no. They only picked up on one play, and that's it.

Q. What positives can you take away from this game going into next season?
DENARD ROBINSON: I mean, we've got to come back hungry now. We took a loss, and our guys, we're going to have to pull each other together and try to come back for next year.

Q. Can you just talk about what you guys weren't really able to do when you got in the red zone those couple of times, especially the 4th down play where you weren't able to come away with a score?
DENARD ROBINSON: Man, we just didn't execute. We didn't execute. I mean, we didn't play Michigan football. That's just what happened. We didn't play Michigan football.

Q. Can you talk about the momentum that you guys had in the first and what it kind of felt like after that when you slowed down on offense?
DENARD ROBINSON: I mean, we just slowed down. The offense kind of slowed down, and we didn't have our tempo going. That's what happened basically.

Q. What are some of the things you want to work on in the off season, over the summer?
DENARD ROBINSON: Everything. I mean, I could get way better at reading coverages and be in the film room a lot more, just doing things the little things to get better.

Q. Were you guys distracted at all because of the controversy with coach? Do you feel like you were distracted at all?
DENARD ROBINSON: We was not. Coach told us don't worry about it. We kept our focus, and we kept the main thing the main thing.

Q. Can you kind of talk about the cowbells a little bit? I know you've been practicing with them all week. What were they like come game time?
DENARD ROBINSON: They didn't bother us at all. We did not change on the center we didn't change the snap count. We kept it the same.

Q. If coach doesn't return next season, will you leave and go to the NFL?
DENARD ROBINSON: I'm a sophomore. I can't go to the NFL anyhow.

Q. Denard, maybe a little more serious of a follow up to that one, if Rich is not here, will you be here next year or have you given thought to that?
DENARD ROBINSON: "No response."

Q. You're saying that you guys didn't execute, just a matter of just not executing, but how is that possible when this offense was seemingly unstoppable when offense was supposedly the strength of this team? You had six weeks to prepare and everyone was healthy. How can it be that it simply was a lack of execution?
DENARD ROBINSON: I mean, we had a couple of missed passes and a missed box. A couple of little things that didn't work for us today. We didn't work; we didn't come to play football.

Q. Just to follow up, you guys didn't come here to play football was your quote there. But to elaborate on that, you guys were not mentally sharp at all?
DENARD ROBINSON: We didn't finish. We didn't finish. That's we didn't finish. We started off, we didn't finish.

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