Dawson talks Army Week and Michigan

GBW hasn't had much luck getting in contact with Lamar Dawson, so we flew all the way to San Antonio (TX) to get an in person update. As usual, Dawson didn't have much to say, but Army All-American did talk about his top schools, visits, and decision timeline.

Eugene Hankerson:  Talk about your experience here at the Army All-American
Lamar Dawson"It's been a great experience so far.  I've gotten to know all of the guys, the practices are so much faster than high school, and it's just great."

Eugene Hankerson:  How comfortable are you having to compete against the best of the best every day in practice.
Lamar Dawson:  "I played pretty well today; I think I stack up real well with all these guys."

Eugene Hankerson:  Let's talk recruiting for a minute.  Have you narrowed things down to a list of top schools?
Lamar Dawson:  "I got it down to 5 or 6. Right now, I'm looking at Kentucky, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, and Tennessee

Eugene Hankerson:  How many of those schools have you visited already?
Lamar Dawson:  "I visited all of them already; Kentucky and Oregon were officials though.  Oregon was probably the better visit because they had a lot of different stuff to offer, Kentucky's was like home because I already know everything."

Eugene Hankerson:  Whats next for you after the Army All-American game?
Lamar Dawson:  "I'm going to take official visits to Southern Cal, Michigan, and then Tennessee."

Eugene Hankerson:  When you're on the official visits, are you looking for something to blow you away, or a select criteria that you're evaluating?
Lamar Dawson:  "There's nothing that's going to blow me away.  I just want to take these visits so I can compare and see which one is the best fit."

Eugene Hankerson:  Does proximity to home factor into your decision?
Lamar Dawson:  "No, not really."

Eugene Hankerson:  Does anyone lead for you?
Lamar Dawson:  "No, not yet."

Eugene Hankerson:  Has Michigan layed out a plan for you or explained where you fit in at?
Lamar Dawson:  "They just told me they need linebackers badly."

Eugene Hankerson:  Is playing time a factor?
Lamar Dawson:  "Yeah I would like to play."

Eugene Hankerson:  Do you know when you'll announce your decision?
Lamar Dawson:  "Probably Signing Day."

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