Fisher Taking Wait & See Approach

Traverse City (MI) West lineman Jake Fisher reacts to Rich Rodriguez's dismissal. Does the Michigan committment plan to reopen his recruitment?

The news of Rich Rodriguez's firing didn't come as much of a surprise to Jake Fisher, but it was nonetheless upsetting for the longtime Michigan commit.  Michigan director of athletics David Brandon appointed a team of assistant athletic director Brian Townsend and recruiting coordinator Chris Singletary to handle all recruiting issues during the coaching search.  Fisher appears to be high on their priority list.

"I talked to Chris Singletary who is the recruiting coordinator," Fisher said Wednesday night.  "He just understands that it is like a little bit harder (to stay committed) now.  I'm a little bit rattled.  It's a tough situation.  They are still very interested and they are going to find out who the coach is here pretty soon."

While the Michigan coaching job lies vacant other schools are attempting to take advantage of the opportunity to swipe one of the most highly regarded prospects in the Wolverines' 2011  class.  Oregon, Notre Dame, and Michigan State have all reportedly been in contact.  Fisher insists, however, that he's just keeping the lines of communication open.

 "I have heard from a couple other schools, but I have not opened up my recruitment at all," he explained.  "I really want to see who Michigan gets first and see if I have a bond with them or not.  That's about it."

Fisher indicated that desire to be at Michigan is as strong as it ever.  Whether he ends up in Ann Arbor depend on very simple criteria.

 "I just want to be wanted by the coaches like I was before," he said matter-of-factly.  "I'm not just going to be thrown under the bus and be treated like a walk-on (laughter)."

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