Will Bryant now Delay Announcement?

Chicago (IL) Simeon lineman Chris Bryant had planned to announce his commitment on January 21st. Has the news of Rich Rodriguez's firing caused him to have a change of heart?

Just a few short days ago Chris Bryant's collegiate future seemed so clear. In a matter of weeks he would finally announce his commitment by hailing the victor in a ceremony for the entire recruiting world to see.  Then a bomb went off this week that disrupted everything.

"My dad sent me a text saying that (the press conference announcing Rich Rodriguez's firing) was going to be on the internet through the streaming thing," Bryant said. "I was able to catch that at school."

"Now I might be pushing (the announcement) back because of all of this stuff that's going on with the coaches.  I don't know yet.  If I do have it will be January 21st, at Simeon, but what I am going to do is keep you on hold so I can let you know as soon as possible what is going on with that."

Michigan isn't the only of Bryant's favorites to see coaching movement.  Arizona has seen some attrition as well. Those developments have caused the Windy City star to pause and consider his options all over again.

 "Michigan is going to be Michigan no matter who the coach is," stated Bryant.  "It is going to be a great school with great academics, and the tradition is going to always be there.  But when it comes down to picking a college and everything, it is not so much just the schools, it also the relationship that you build with the coaches that are there.  Being able to have a good relationship with your position coach, offense and defensive coordinator and the head coach, is very important.  People just don't pick a school because of the school.  You go because of your interactions with the coaches.  I want to see what coach gets in there and just see if I know them or they know me and see how that goes.  The offensive line coach from Arizona took another job at West Virginia, so it is just a tough call right now.  I've just got to wait.  I know I don't have that much time, but I've just got try to see where everybody ends up and just try to take it from there.  It's like starting all over again almost."

Starting over could mean visiting more schools.  One of the later entries in his recruitment, Ohio State, could especially benefit from Bryant's rewind.

"(More visits) are possible," the massive lineman admitted.  "Just to get around and see what else is out there… tat's possible.  But like I said, nothing is written in stone yet.  I'm just going to have to have a good talk with my coaches and family and then go from there."

Now the waiting game begins for a youngster that thought his recruitment was all but over.  And while pausing to see which coach ends up in Ann Arbor is his new plan, he can't promise that he won't deviate from it.

"It really depends on how long it takes (to name the next coach)," said Bryant.  "If they are able to get someone in there quickly and things work out with them that'd be okay.  But if not… I'm not really sure at this point."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Chris Bryant in the coming weeks.

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