New Jersey Jr.: Dewayne Hendricks

Click to find out more about one of New Jersey's top juniors and his interest in Michigan from his head coach, Dave Heck.

One of the most heavily recruited juniors in the state of New Jersey is Millville DT/DE Dewayne Hendricks. This heavily sought after recruit recently visited Michigan with Coach Heck. We'll be catching up with Dewayne soon. In the meantime, here are the significant portions of our interview with his Coach.

Can you tell me about Dewayne as a player?

Sure. He came to us as a freshman and we immediately called him up (to varsity). By about week 3 he was starting on the defensive line for us. He played defensive line the last 7 games of his freshman year. As a sophomore he played offensive and defensive tackle, which he did again this past year during his junior season.

We've had defend a lot of Wing-T stuff. That's an offense where it's really hard to just pin your ears back and rush up the field because they trap so much. I think he can certainly be that type of player (pass rusher), but for what we have to defend against, he has to sit and read a lot. So, he's very very good against the run at this point. But again, with his athletic ability and his size, he's a legitimate 6'4" and fluctuates between 250 and 255, I think he'll be a very good pass rusher.

What position does he project to in college?

It depends on what school we're talking to. He would rather play defense, and some schools have looked at him as a defensive tackle. Michigan is looking at him more as a defensive end.

Who is his Michigan recruiter?

Jim Boccher.

Can you list the schools he's hearing from?

Whoa baby! There are a number of them. Iowa, Boston College, Virginia, Notre Dame, Maryland, Georgia Tech…tell me when you want me stop! I'll mention Michigan State as well since they've been in contact with him and they're right around the corner from you.

Does he have any offers at this point?

Yes. Iowa, Boston College, Virginia, and Georgia Tech. There are some others but I'm not sure if those schools want that information out at this time.

What type of kid is he off of the field?

Basically what I've told all of the coaches is they have decide whether he can play for them athletically. But, I can say that he's top shelf when it comes to character and work ethic. He's a great student and has worked really hard. He has a 3.3 GPA and has only taken the SAT once as a sophomore and scored 900. He'll be taking it again in May. So, going into the year he was already qualified. I think that's really helped with a lot of schools. He had six A's and one B on his most recent report card, so he's very sound academically.

Do you foresee him being a kid that will decide early or wait until closer to signing day?

I'm hoping that he's made a decision by early December. I'm really hoping that he doesn't go past Christmas with it. I want him to make his visits, but I don't think he'll take 5. That's why we've tried to go around and check some places out. That will allow him to compare some things without taking 5 visits during or after football season.

He visited Michigan this past weekend. They were first on our list. We are going to go to Virginia at the end of the month. We're going to go to the Notre Dame Camp for 2 days in June. We're also going to hit Georgia Tech for a one-day camp in July.

Will that be his only visit to Michigan?

No. We tentatively talked about coming back on October 25. Michigan plays Purdue that day and we have a kid that plays on their team so we thought that would be a really good time to get back for another visit.

Will he be attending one of the Nike Camps?

Yes, he will be attending the Penn State Nike Camp.

Stay tuned for an interview with Dewayne himself!

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