Jack Miller Reacts To Hoke Hire

One of Michigan's offensive line commits spoke with GoBlueWolverine shortly after news broke of the hiring of Brady Hoke. Read further to get his reactions and the status of his commitment to Michigan.

The standard line about Michigan's new hire as head football coach is "Brady Who?" While it's clear Hoke isn't as well known as the other candidates for the job, Jack Miller remains steadfast in his commitment to Maize & Blue and is eager to learn more about his new head man.

"I don't know much about Coach Hoke," admitted Miller to GoBlueWolverine. "I know he's a Michigan Man. What I did know is that he's young, upbeat and energetic which are all great qualities I like in a coach. But like I said I don't know too much about him and I'm looking forward to getting the chance to hopefully be up in Ann Arbor and getting a chance to sit down with him. As far as what I think about the hire, I trust Dave Brandon. I think he's moving the program in the way it needs to go and that Michigan is Michigan. We're going to be back on top sooner than later."

Miller, solid in his commitment, is looking to become more excited about putting his name on his letter of intent.

"I'm anticipating that I'll get to sit down with Coach Hoke," he said. "I'll be thrilled even more about going to Michigan. It's definitely what I'm anticipating."

Miller has caught up with only two members of the Wolverine recruiting class so far, but they appear to be just as solid to remaining Blue.

"I haven't talked to any of the recruits today, but I actually talked to Chris Rock last night and both of us are solid on Michigan," Miller reported. "I was just checking in on him to see how he was and to see what he was thinking. I got the impression that he's pretty solid. And I talked to Greg Brown, being a guy from the area, and he's already up there so he's set. I haven't really gotten a chance to talk to any of the other recruits. Everyone has to take care of themselves and worry about what's best for them and hopefully that's Michigan for everyone still."

Miller, a frequent visitor to Ann Arbor, will be looking to make another trip very shortly to sit with Coach Hoke.

"As soon as possible," Miller said, referencing his timetable on a visit. "I think first and foremost he has to meet with the current team and the guys up there, which I'm sure will happen today or tomorrow at some point and he'll have his press conference and talk to the media and hopefully soon thereafter he can squeeze some time in for us recruits. I hope to be in Ann Arbor these next few days here."

Michigan's scheduled 1 P.M. press conference tomorrow to announce Hoke will have many eyes on it, including Miller's.

"I'll definitely step out of class to watch it. I need to check it out."

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