Will Posada Stick with Michigan?

The mammoth offensive line product from the Sunshine State committed to the Wolverines a while back. After Michigan announced that it now has a new coach in place he chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his commitment status, his upcoming visit to Ann Arbor, and more.

Tony Posada is just like the rest of his fellow future Wolverines in that he doesn't know much about the new man in charge of the Maize & Blue football team.

"The only thing I know is really that he's changed the two programs he was at and he turned those programs around," said the three-star lineman to GoBlueWolverine. "One of my coaches used to play for him and he said he was a great coach and to see what he was like."

That may give Posada a leg up on his future teammates in getting to know more about Brady Hoke.

"Our defensive backs coach, Matt Johnson, played for Michigan in 1997, the national championship year was a defensive back, but he still played and knew him."

Despite that endorsement, Posada's commitment status is still just a tad bit uncertain.

"I'm still a Wolverine right now," he said. "I really can't say for sure but I'm a Wolverine and I'm still committed and I'm looking forward to coming up there."

Recruiting coordinator Chris Singletary has been doing his best to keep the 2011 recruiting class together in the absence of the staff. He chatted with Posada recently about getting to town to meet the new coach.

"I have not talked to him today but I have talked to him a few days ago and we talked about my official visit which will be the 21st to Michigan."

Though he hasn't had the chance to reach Michigan today, he isn't holding any grudges. He understands the position the Maize and Blue are currently in.

"I know they're really busy right now," Posada stated. "He just walked into the new coaching job at Michigan. They're going to be real busy. I know they will take some times, and I know if I call them I may not get through. But they need to get done what they need to do and I can wait until my official visit to talk to them about what I need to talk to them about."

When Posada does make his trip to Michigan, one question will reign heavy in his mind for Coach Hoke and any other potential staff members.

"The one main question is to ask him if I wasn't already committed to Michigan would I be a guy he would recruit to his own football team?"

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more on this story in the coming days.

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