Countess Family Awaits Chat with Hoke

The father of Michigan commitment Blake Countess reacts to the news that Brady Hoke has been hired as the Wolverines' 19th head football coach. Countess shares his thoughts on Hoke, some of the questions they'll have for Michigan's new headman, and more.

Sam Webb:  Obviously you've heard the news of Brady Hoke's hire.  I assume you were following this thing just as close, if not closer, as all the Michigan fans were?

Wendell Countess:  "I've been following this thing since six o'clock this morning and I knew around 11 that something was going to start to happen.  Around 11 or 12 and I was sitting here watching and listening to it and sure enough it came up, ‘Les Miles will return to LSU. ‘Then about an hour after that they said Brady Hoke was the new Michigan head coach, which is cool.  I'm just glad the fiasco is over.  It is only three weeks until national signing day and when you've got your troopers… and I call everybody that is a Michigan recruit, a trooper…  I want Blake to go in there with 25 troopers.  I don't want him to go in there with 12 or 11 or nine… you know what I mean?  I'm just trying to do the research on the coach right now and look up his background to see if I can find what his temperament is, what he likes, what he doesn't like, and look at some of his old teams.  My concern is that defensive backfield.  From what I am getting he is disciplined and he is going to have his kids play football as well as go to school.  It is not like you are going to be playing football and just freelancing when you're not playing football.  I do like that about his reputation.  I don't know him.  I didn't know nothing about Hoke until December 17th, when that came up to me at our first visit at Michigan."

Sam Webb:  Did the decision catch you by surprise?

Wendell Countess:  "It didn't catch me off guard.  After (Jim) Harbaugh, I was like hey, I'm going to let this thing play out.  I'm going to let this thing play out and I'm not going to get excited about anything.  I do know Harbaugh --, I know his track record. I do know Les Miles and I know his track record.  Because I'm involved, now I hear the name Brady Hoke.  I just realized what he looked like today from the pictures that are on the internet.  It is a good thing because they have a coach, which means you can start the healing process and kind start moving forward.  Everybody is glad that it is over.  Now let us start building the energy and we got to do something to correct this ship, right this ship."

Sam Webb:  How does it work from your perspective and from Blake's perspective?  How quickly do you reach out to Hoke, because I know you were saying before that you guys have a small window of time if Blake wants to look around or not?

Wendell Countess:  "As a matter of fact, the reason I did not pick up your first call because I was talking to Chris Singletary and Singletary said that Hoke is trying to schedule himself right now to give us a call -- meaning myself, my wife and Blake a call tomorrow afternoon sometime.  You know, sit down for a telephone conservation.  I guess he wants to introduce himself.  I have no way of knowing how it is going to go.  I'm sure he'll probably open up are there any questions that you have for me.  My first question is what is your philosophy?  How did you plan on getting this thing going?  It just seems like you are going to have a whole lot to deal with coming from all different angles including the media, and the Michigan alumni.  How you are going to address that and the current players you have?  Do they fit your mold?  Does my 5-10 DB fit your mold?"

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Blake Countess in the coming days.

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