Bryant Anxious to Meet Hoke

Chicago (IL) Simeon OG Chris Bryant has seen his recruitment undergo a lot of change in recent weeks. Coaching turnover at two of his favorites caused him to delay his announcement date until January 28th. He plans to use the time in between to further evaluate the schools still standing on his list by taking a few more visits, including yet another to Michigan.

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to talk to Michigan's new coach yet?

Chris Bryant:  "Not yet.  I talked to their recruiting coordinator Chris Singletary today.  He said that he is going to get me connected on the phone with their coach once he gets all his media and extra media stuff that is going on now.  Coach Singletary, that's my man.  We talked for hours when I was on my visit.  When I take an unofficial, Coach Chris Singletary, we always talk.  That's my man.  We've been in contact through the whole deal.  He's been telling me everything that has been going on over there.  From what I hear, the players, a lot of them didn't want Coach Rodriguez leave, but they are pretty satisfied with Coach Hoke.  That's the type of coach that they wouldn't mind having.  Everything I heard about Coach Hoke is positive.  Coach Singletary has been telling me all Coach Hoke's background and I'm really impressed about him and I want to meet him."

Sam Webb:  Were you surprised to see how the search turned out?

Chris Bryant:  "No not really.  Coach Harbaugh and Coach Les Miles and Coach Hoke, those are the three names that have been out there from the get go since Coach Rodriguez got fired.  Honestly, I don't know too much about Coach Hoke.  I did some research on him and everything.  I know he is a Michigan guy and I talked to a couple of people.  I talked to a former linebacker from Michigan named Jarrett Irons and he was telling me that (Hoke) was a good coach.  (Hoke) was there when (Irons) was there and everything.  He said that (Hoke) is a good coach… more so strict… but that don't bother me.  I'm kind of used to that anyways.  Michigan is Michigan.   With the tradition, they're not just going to hire anybody for the job.  It is going to be the right fit.  I'm not too much worried about the coach they bringing in.  I'm pretty sure they get the job done."

Sam Webb:  How do you know Jarrett Irons?

Chris Bryant:  "Actually one of my teachers who works at my school, he is real cool with (Irons) and he put me in contact with him."

Sam Webb:  A little while back you were talking also about possibly taking some visits to other schools.  Do you have anything lined up like that?

Chris Bryant:  "The only thing I'm going to right now is Illinois next weekend.  Me and my parents are talking about setting something up this weekend, to take a trip out to Michigan and try to meet the coaching staff or something like that.  I might do that this weekend if everything works out, if he is open."

Sam Webb:  I know you said there were some things going on with the staff at Arizona.  What are they saying to you?  What are those schools saying to you right now that are on your list?

Chris Bryant:  "Arizona has a new offensive line coach and he has been calling me and we've been talking a little bit.  My top choices are between Michigan, Arizona and Illinois.  That's it right there.  I've been to Michigan and Arizona.  I've only been to Arizona once.  I've been to Michigan a few times and I've been to Illinois a few times."

Sam Webb:  So you're going to announce your decision on the 28th.  What is it going to be based on?  What are going to be the most significant factors?

Chris Bryant:  "Academics are going to stand up for me like always.  I know Michigan definitely has a great academic program.  I know Illinois does too.  Arizona, they're pretty good.  They can get you a pretty decent job and everything like that too.  Just the players really that makes me feel comfortable.  I'm pretty much comfortable with the players that I've been.  Some places stood out a little bit more and I'm going to keep that down low right now until the 28th.  It is just the place that the players made me feel welcome -- the coaches, the players, they just know how to treat you real good."

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