Michigan Still the Place for Jones

Houston (TX) St. Pius LB Kellen Jones has hit the visit trail recently, but the Michigan commit insists his pledge is nonetheless solid.

Sam Webb:  Have you spoken to Coach Hoke yet?

Kellen Jones:  "No sir not at this moment.  I spoke with Coach Jackson and he said Coach Hoke really likes me and everything and (Jackson) is going to come down and visit here sometime soon.  I think it is this week actually."

Sam Webb:  Is it Coach Jackson that is supposed to come down or is it Coach Hoke and Coach Jackson coming down?

Kellen Jones:  "Coach Jackson first.  Some other coaches are supposed to be coming down, but he doesn't know who it is going to be yet."

Sam Webb:  I see that you took a visit to Colorado.  How did that go?

Kellen Jones:  "It went pretty well, but you know… I'm solid to Michigan.  I just want to see who the defensive coordinator is and Coach Hoke… to meet them in person to get an opinion of them.  I was trying to keep my options open and just enjoying the recruiting and everything.  If something does go wrong, then I'll have a school to go to.  Everybody wants to say that he might commit to Colorado now and everything, but I'm solid to Michigan"

Sam Webb:  So you are taking the visits just in case something happens with the new staff that you don't like. 

Kellen Jones:  "Exactly."

Sam Webb:  Where else might you visit other than Colorado? 

Kellen Jones:  "Miami on the (January) 28th and that will be it."

Sam Webb:  Have they talked to you at all about what their (Michigan) timeline is for getting these coaches hired?

Kellen Jones:  "They said they should have one in the next week or two.  That's really what makes or breaks my decision.  I wouldn't even say that though because I am committed to the program really.  It doesn't really matter who the coach is.  Just as long as Al Groh doesn't come in (laughter).  No offense to Coach Groh at all.  Georgia Tech was going to offer me until they hired Al Groh and he likes tall guys, 6'4".  As long as nobody like that comes in, I'm good."

Sam Webb:  You mentioned Al Groh's name… has Michigan thrown any defensive coordinator names out at you?

Kellen Jones:  "No.  They have not spoken to me at all about that.  From what my dad told me, said it might be one of Coach Hoke's (colleagues) from the past.  He said a guy from the NFL might come back.  I cannot remember his name though."

Sam Webb:  You sort of answered this last question already, but expand on it a little more for me.  When you settle in on your final choice, what ultimately will it come down to?

Kellen Jones:  "Coaching staff.  I would say coaching staff.  There is no too much one thing except for academics, great academic school.  I'm looking to get early times and I'm looking for a great coaching staff, as well as a diverse city."

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