Jackson Drops in on Kellen Jones

Linebacker Kellen Jones out of Houston has had a stressful two weeks; finally he has the chance to talk about why he is committed to the school he loves.

When Michigan fired Rich Rodriguez it had some recruits quite nervous. Other schools immediately started moving in on Michigan's recruits.

One Michigan commitment that immediately got bombarded was Kellen Jones.

"Yes it has been very irritating and stressful," with schools calling and wanting me to visit."

Without a head coach kids started to wonder about their future, Kellen Jones was certainly concerned about his future but he received sound advice from the people that are important in his life.

"My father and mother were telling me to stay committed, don't panic, just see who the coach is going to be and then make a decision. They wanted me to just allow the process to develop and then make a sound decision."

Kellen pretty much knew what he wanted to do, Michigan was a place he held near and dear to his heart for a long time but Colorado wanted him to visit and he did. This past weekend he went to Boulder, Colorado to see what it was all about.

"I had a nice time they have a new staff over there and they were trying to get to know me."

It was a visit to just go see what they were talking about even though he knew where his heart was. Michigan heard about the visit Sunday night and went into action.

"I told Coach Jackson about the visit Sunday and Monday in was in my house eating Gumbo in our kitchen. I said Coach everything is ok don't worry I am coming to Michigan. While he was at the house I received a call from Coach Hoke. WOW! I am so impressed with him and the vibe I received by the way we were talking and how he was talking about defense. Coach Hoke is a defensive-minded coach he told me he likes how I play sideline to sideline. He asked me why do I play linebacker and I told him I like to hit -- he liked that."

Kellen wanted to know about the opportunity to play right away.

"Coach Jackson said you create your own future. The best will start (at Michigan); if you don't start it's your own fault. That's what I wanted to hear from him." Michigan now has a new defensive coordinator Greg Mattison who up until last week was with the Baltimore Ravens. That was a huge plus for Kellen who said he is "very excited about it."

"Coach Mattison coached my favorite player, Ray Lewis. He coached my guy so I am cool with the hire and excited to work with him."

At the end of the day "KJ" picked Michigan because, well, it's Michigan.

"At the end of the day I picked Michigan because of Michigan, not just because of the coach. I always wanted to come to Michigan -- they have a lot to offer. The education that you receive there is one of the best in the country and my parents have always stressed academics first in our house and football second. This is where I wanted to be and I am very happy that everything is settled. I am a very organized person it is good to see that this is where it is suppose to be. I feel great about becoming a Michigan man. It is a dream come true for me."

For the Wolverines that is one down and more to go, to have kids say as Kellen did:

"I am committed to Michigan."

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