Beilein Troubled by Mental Mistakes

Coach Beilein talked about his concerns after the loss to Minnesota last night.

Coach Beilein: "It is easy to see why Minnesota is off to such a great start. Their length, their size and really just as good as we can be against the zone at times, we weren't today. Their length threw us off a little bit. We got a couple of shots blocked. We were in foul trouble the whole time, which takes away from a lot of the chemistry that you need to have against zones, couldn't score. Our defense, we continue to struggle be either fouling or just plain bad position or the team, like Rodney Williams hits the two threes. I think he has 2 for 23 or 4 for 23 going in the game and then he hits two and despite the rebounding disadvantage, which happens when you don't make shots and they do. You have a chance to win the game if we just had a few more things go well."

Question: What is the reason for the recent defensive issues, Indiana?

Coach Beilein: "I think the other teams that we have played are very experience. They'll see us on tape. They'll expose our weakness. They'll go right at…Evan (Smotrycz) and Jordan (Morgan) are in foul trouble every game, just like that. Now that they are up against bigger bodies, people see it and get us right away, so now all of a sudden we're into our bench and our bench actually did pretty well, but it doesn't help us as much offensively. Jordan's fourth foul was a perfect example of what we've been dealing with all year. He has continued to try and work at, but it is really hard. We've had a lot of those situations and we just got to keep working on it."

Question: What concerns you about the chemistry of this team?

Coach Beilein: "I'm not concerned about the chemistry at all."

Question: Mental mistakes…?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah they're really troubling. They're over and over again. It is a lot of the freshman, but heck Stu (Douglass), I mean the way the game should be called, but we had Stu put his hand on (Blake) Hoffarber going into it. We've been over this and we showed it on film today and it is just habits…we've done everything, we've done everything that I can imagine, but we just got to stay with it. The light will turn on."

Question: Tim (Hardaway) shot the ball well tonight and he seemed pretty cocky.

Coach Beilein: "Yeah. I like the way Tim, Tim really helps our team chemistry. He really helps everything that we're trying to do. He is trying everything. He is still a freshman. He is still going to make mistakes, but there are not a whole lot of freshman in the country that are putting up 20 tonight on Minnesota. He is going to be very good. Evan had a tough shooting night. He started out with a good one and then really had open ones and those were hurting because it kept them in the zone and then of course he is in foul trouble early as well."

Question: Darius (Morris) seems to have changed a little bit the last six or seven games, is it something…?

Coach Beilein: "He is playing against Big Ten talent. He is playing against Big Ten talent. With the exception today because (Al) Nolen must have been hurt. He is playing against Big Ten talent. It is very difficult. It is not going to be the same. You still got to find ways to function and he's going to keep working on that."

Question: You said yesterday that the offense works a little bit better when he is handling, distributing, for him to be driving and distributing and he didn't seem as aggressive.

Coach Beilein: "Well he started out right away, he had the four turnovers almost immediately. He had three, but he two passes that I do not know…who is a great wide receiver right now…that could catch. I mean he threw unbelievably hard passes to our big guys. He had four turnovers in the first half. He obviously was not performing as well and against a team like this we can't give them extra possessions."

Question: Speaking of turnovers, they had 17 but you only had two fast break points. Do you feel that you didn't take advantage?

Coach Beilein: "A lot of them may be walks. I think they had several walks. It could be a charge. It could be a lot of things that you can't do. The fast break points are usually going to come off of defensive rebounds. We didn't have a lot of those because of the fact that they did not miss many shots and that has got to be right on our defense."

Question: On the players meeting in the locker room after the loss..

Coach Beilein: "Yeah they probably talking about it after the game. That's what teams do. They work it out. Team chemistry is fine. They just got to understand that there is more to it than just all being great friends and whatever. There has got to be a spirit about us that is a will about us to get things done both mentally and physically."

Question: Talk about attacking their zone. How do you feel that you guys played against it?

Coach Beilein: "Well as you can see, we're not super quick. We really have trouble getting into gaps sometimes. We did it a few times, but we need Darius to do that. We need to set some screens to do that. I like some of the shots that we got. Some other times we did not move very well. With that length, it is similar to the Syracuse zone that you just have trouble when you get into spots and you turn and there is a seven footer standing there and the two wings. Williams jumps out of the gym, (Trevor) Mbakwe jumps out of the gym. So those guys are flying at you and that is more than a schematic thing, it is a man to man that they are bigger than us and it affected us. We had those open ones to start the second half and we didn't make them and they did. All of a sudden it is a nine point game and we have to scratch back."

Question: On the effectiveness of the 1-3-1…

Coach Beilein: "I think we had a couple of turnovers, but then we had a couple of times, we fouled one time and when Hoffarber is out there, they'll find him. When they put the two big guys. You got to score baskets a little bit to get to it."

Question: Colton Christian got into the game a few times. Is that just foul trouble?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah foul trouble. Blake (McLimans) had played pretty well in practice and so we wanted to give him a shot in there. We had some guys in foul trouble and Zack needed a rest at that time. We couldn't go with Evan because Evan was already in foul trouble. So Colton (Christian) played and I thought he did a good job. Blake did what he could do. He was only in three to four minutes and didn't really have a factor in the game."

Question: Did Darius see fewer minutes because of the turnovers?

Coach Beilein: "Did he see fewer minutes because of the turnovers, I do not know that. I think part of the minutes he was in a zone. He wasn't having a good game. I don't think any of you thought he was having a good game in the first half, so we just went with another guard and he continued to learn from it."

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