Wile Happy to be Blue; Plans to Lure Others

San Diego (CA) Francis Parker high's, Matt Wile may have fulfilled his destiny by becoming a fifth generation Wolverine when he committed to Michigan on Saturday. The Army All American recapped his visit and commitment experience with GoBlueWolverine. He also handicapped Michigan's chances with a few other prospects.

Sam Webb: Based on your decision to commit Just take me through the experience; what was it like?

Matt Wile:  "It was kind of like every other visit that I've been on.  This time when I got here it just kind of felt right.  The facilities were amazing.  The new indoor facility is pretty cool.  I really just enjoyed the coaches and all the players on the team was really nice."

Sam Webb:  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there is a severe need for a kicker at Michigan.  Did they reiterate to you that that they want you to come in and kick right away?

Matt Wile:  "Yeah they told me that. Coach Singletary, when I told him that I was committing, he literally picked me up by underneath my armpits and held me over his head and shook me.  They were pretty ecstatic.  When all the players found out they were also pretty happy about it too."

Sam Webb:  Who wound up hosting you on the visit?

Matt Wile:  "Defensive and his name is Craig Roh."

Sam Webb:  I think I saw you with him at the game.  Did you get a chance to really go hang out with those guys or was just talking football mostly?

Matt Wile:  "We actually went out.  Every night we had a few hours just to hang out.  The last night, I went back to his place and hung out with him and a couple other players, as well as their neighbors.  It was fun.  It was relaxing."

Sam Webb:  What about the weather?  It wasn't just cold, it was freezing.  How did you adjust to that?

Matt Wile:  "I actually didn't find it that cold.  The only thing that would have been nice on this visit if I had a beanie to cover my ears.  My ears were the only thing getting cold.  During the day and at night, I just wore a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater."

Sam Webb:  Did you come on your own or did your family come with you?

Matt Wile:  "Both my parents were on the trip."

Sam Webb:  You said before that your dad is a fourth generation Wolverine.  Did he have a rooting interest in this while you guys were here or did he sort of take a sideline view of everything?

Matt Wile:  "He definitely tried to take a sideline, but he was still kind of influential."

Sam Webb:  Because the familiarity you already have with these coaches it seems like this visit was more about getting a feel for Michigan.  If you had to point to one or two things that you look back on and say, ‘wow, this was the best part of the visit,' would those be?

Matt Wile:  "Yeah, I had actually been on an official visit to San Diego State, so I already knew the coaches.  I already had a pretty good relationship with them.  For me, academics were really important.  The academics standards at Michigan are pretty high and that definitely played a major role.  The campus itself is just absolutely beautiful.  I also really like the new facilities for the football team.  Basically everything about the campus."

Sam Webb:  What about the other recruits on the visit?  Committing really seemed to be kind of an infectious thing.  Guys seemed to be committing one right after the other.

Matt Wile:  "Actually, I was going to wait until I got home on Monday to commit.  I knew I wanted to, but I wanted to make sure that I called the other coaches that were recruiting them so I could tell them.  I didn't want them finding out from the internet or the news or that type of thing.  So I went back to my room and we started talking and we kind of thought that, ‘hey, maybe if I commit now maybe I could get a few more guys to commit with me.'   If I decided I wanted Michigan to be my team, I want to get the best players here.  I ended up actually all the other coaches and telling them what I did.  They were all okay with it.  They understood and wished me luck.  When I got down from my room, the coaches were just showing up and I went up to Coach Hoke and just said, coach I'm going to be Michigan man.  His words were, ‘about god damn time'. (laughter)"

Sam Webb:  It sounded like you guys had a lot of fun.  I know Raymon Taylor committed.  It was like three commitments over the few days. 

Matt Wile:  "Out of the eight guys that were there, I think six of them committed.  There were one or two that already committed.  We had five commit and then a linebacker committed (Sunday) morning as well."

Sam Webb:  What about the other California guy, Stefan McClure?

Matt Wile:  "He told me this…  He doesn't know, he'll probably know in the next few days and he'll make a decision.  It is between Michigan and one other place."

Sam Webb:  So it seemed like he really liked it then?

Matt Wile:  "Yes.  He really likes it.  He has just got to make one last decision, but he is not totally sure yet.  Coach Hoke and a few other coaches are going to come out, tomorrow, they are actually going to come see me and they are going to come see Stefan McClure."

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