Brandon Jackson Update

Horn Lake High School coach Larry Gann fills GBW in on what type of player his star pupil is. Click for more.

Brandon Jackson is being touted as one of the top running backs in the south. He has expressed an early desire to leave the state (Mississippi), and Michigan is being mentioned very prominently. Coach Gann gives GBW readers a closer look at the type of talent this young man possesses.

Describe what type of back Brandon is.

He can run in between the tackles really well, but he's also a kid that can take it to the outside. I think he's a cross between Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. The things that impress me most and what's really great about him are his vision and his lateral movement once he gets up in the hole. He doesn't miss a beat when he changes directions. He can stop and juke and then get back at full speed in no time. I haven't seen many people able to do that as well.

He has great hands too. He can really catch the ball out of the backfield. He does a pretty good job blocking. But, when you run it like he does, if you miss a block every now and then it's ok!

I've seen a few different heights and weights listed for him. Can you give some up to date information on that?

He's 6 feet tall and weighs 200lbs.

How about his speed?

He runs between 4.5 and 4.6 consistently.

What type of season did he and your team have last year?

We inherited a program that had not won very much and the former head coach did a tremendous job. We Went 10-3 and made the playoffs for the first time since they started having them in Mississippi in 1981. I was the defensive coordinator last year so I didn't keep close tabs on Jackson's stats, but I believe he had about 1770 yards and 28 touchdowns.

Last year we were a spread offense with 4 and 5 wides. The biggest difference between my philosophy and that of the former head coach is everywhere I've been, we've used a TE in the mix and the tailback was the main focus. Running the ball is not going to be a problem. Brandon will get more opportunities this year. The entire offensive line will be new and the quarterback will be new. All of those guys have very little playing experience, so Brandon will be the nucleus.

Can you list for me some of the schools he's hearing from?

He's hearing from a lot of schools. Michigan is one. I just sent them a tape of him. The others off of the top of my head are Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State.

Does he have any offers currently?

He's got a pretty firm offer from Oklahoma State. We start spring ball on April 21 and their coaching staff has indicated to me that when they come to visit the first week in May that they're going to extend it officially.

Would you say that they're (OKST) recruiting him the hardest?

That's tough to say. They are recruiting him mighty hard. But the schools around here are really after him too.

Has he visited any schools yet?

None other than Ole Miss and Mississippi State this past year.

Does he plan to attend one of the Nike Camps?

He's undecided right now.

Has he made any decisions about summer camps yet?

He's undecided on those too.

We'll have more from Brandon himself soon.

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