Darian Cooper talks Michigan

Just a week ago Michigan seemed to be on the outside looking in on the recruitment of DeMatha Catholic defensive tackle Darian Cooper. The hire of Brady Hoke has garnered renewed interest. Here's what Cooper says to GoBlueWolverine about his 'journey' with the Wolverines.

GBW: Before we get started, I need you to address the rumor that you're "not that into football."

Darian Cooper: "I wouldn't play football if I didn't like it. It's too much of a commitment and social killer (laughing) to play and not like it. The writer from that site was asking me all type of questions about people and things that happened way back in 1975 or something. I didn't know any of that stuff. So I told him I'm not into (the history of) football like that."

GBW: Tell me about the in-home visit you had with Greg Mattison Tuesday night.

Darian Cooper: "It was good; Coach Mattison is a great guy. He has a proven track record in the NFL, and has like 13 (former college players) of his guys starting in the NFL now. It's not a knock on the old staff, but if I would have met him before who knows what would've happened."

GBW: Prior to your meeting with Mattison, you had some doubts a trip to Michigan. Where do things stand now?

Darian Cooper: "I'm going to take a visit out there with my mother this weekend. She's on the phone now with Alicia Hollowell (Donte's mother) trying to set some things up. She's having a hard time getting a plane ticket, so we'll be driving if it doesn't work out."

GBW: Have you had a chance to meet with coach Hoke yet?

Darian Cooper: "Oh yeah, he was here last week. He's great, and I had a wonderful time talking to Coach Hoke. He and coach Mattison are letting me know that Michigan needs help and that I'd have an opportunity to play. I could come in and spell Mike Martin."

GBW: I know you in Ann Arbor this last May for the BBQ at the Big House. Is there anything you want to see or experience on this visit?

Darian Cooper: "Just the players and the people. Every school has great football and academics. It's all about relationships for me."

GBW: When do you plan to announce your decision?

Darian Cooper: "It could happen at any time. I think some of the recruiting services want to come down and watch as me and my teammates commit together. I'll let you know though."

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