Willingham in Home Stretch

Michigan headman Brady Hoke made his way to Denver earlier this week to deliver his final face-to-face pitch at LB Leilon Willingham. With that and all his other in-homes behind him, and only one remaining official, the talented youngster, one school appears to be standing out.

Sam Webb: So have you scheduled a press conference to announce your decision yet?

Leilon Willingham:  "Shoot, I don't have any press conference coming up.  I just have to announce it on that morning.  I'm leaving for Central Florida (Friday), but everything is sitting good with my options like how they were before."

Sam Webb:  You're not doing anything special then where you going to have a bunch of press covering it?

Leilon Willingham:  "They do a little ceremony for us at school but that before, so it ain't going to be too big."

Sam Webb:  You said Coach Hoke was supposed to be making it out to your house Tuesday. Did he make it out?

Leilon Willingham:  "Yeah he came out.  He's a good dude.  He came by and he did real good with my family.  I had a good time with him.  Coach Hoke and Coach Hecklinski came over and we were joking around and stuff and having a good time.  When we got to business I think my parents really understood what they've got going on up there (at Michigan).  My parents are just thrilled with the fact that I'm going to college."

Sam Webb:  Your parents didn't come with you when you came out to Ann Arbor?

Leilon Willingham:  "No they didn't because it was kind of a late notice thing.  It must have been Wednesday or Thursday, I decommitted Texas A&M and decided to go visit.  I was supposed to go visit Texas A&M that same weekend.  That was all kind of late notice."

Sam Webb:  Any other coaches make their in homes yet?

Leilon Willingham:  "Dennis Erickson from Arizona State and Coach Embry from CSU and Coach O'Leary from Central Florida and Coach Sarkisian from Washington."

Sam Webb:  Have you talked to Frank Clark at all since the visit?

Leilon Willingham:  "Yeah, me and Frank talk all the time.  That's my boy."

Sam Webb:  What has Frank been talking about?   

Leilon Willingham:  "The only reason Frank (came away really liking Michigan a lot) was because of me.  I was like, ‘man, come on dawg, we're going to come in here and rock next year.'  He was like, ‘dawg, I ain't ready.  I'm still talking to North Carolina,' and stuff like that.  Then right after I leave, he is like,' man I (really like Michigan) dawg!  We've got to be roommates now.'  I said hold up, you just pulled this out of the blue.  I'm still out here weighing my options and stuff.  But Michigan is sitting high up on my list right now."

Sam Webb:  You've got another visit left.  Are your parents going with you to Central Florida?

Leilon Willingham:  "No they ain't."

Sam Webb:  So what are these last days leading up to your decision going to be like?   What are you going to be thinking about?  What are going to be the things that finally make the decision for you?

Leilon Willingham:  "After I come back from that last visit, I'm going to know right then and there what place it is.  It is not like I'm trying to compare all five.  I'm just comparing one other school to my top (school) that I have at this point.  After I go there, I'm going to know what I'm really feeling."

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