Michigan "Great Experience" For Carter

The first commitment of the Brady Hoke era at Michigan caught up with GoBlueWolverine to talk about his official visit the past weekend to Michigan and everything he experienced.

Tamani Carter, Brady Hoke's first commitment as the head coach of Michigan, committed to the Wolverines even though he had barely been on campus before and didn't really know the coaches. It didn't matter.

"It was definitely a great experience," Carter said of his official visit. "I got to meet some of the players and the coaches and it was just a great time. I got to meet a couple of the other recruits and got along with them really well."

Hosting Carter on the weekend was a fellow Buckeye State native who chose to head north for college to play ball in the Maize and Blue.

"It was Roy Roundtree. He said it's nothing really different being out of state and being from Ohio, but he definitely gets a lot of comments about being a Wolverine when he comes back home, but he says it's real cool."

Even though he hasn't even suited up for his first practice for the Wolverines, hailing from Columbus, he's already hearing all the noise from friends and others.

"Right now it's just a lot of my friends calling me a traitor and everything (laughter). But I'm just ignoring it and trying to go to Michigan and be a hard worker and try to help out the Wolverines. I didn't really have a favorite team growing up, I just went with the flow. I'm definitely prepared for that game against Ohio State though (laughter)."

One of the main things he got to experience on his visit was really getting to know his future coaches.

"It was really good. I got to meet the new defensive coordinator, Coach Mattison, and I got to talk to them one on one with Coach Hoke. They make sure you have a good relationship with them, and they make sure you're a part of their family and I really like that."

Carter was extremely impressed with the Greg Mattison hire and is excited to get it going.

"I think it's a great pick up. Obviously with the Raven's defense and what they've done in the past and I definitely see a bright future with the Wolverine's defense."

While Carter is athletic enough to potentially play multiple positions, the Wolverines already have him penciled in to a specific spot on the depth chart.

"I'll be playing corner. They didn't say anything about safety or anything like that. They're basically saying be prepared for a lot of man to man defense and to make big plays and to not give up the big plays."

The weekend was a big recruiting weekend for the Wolverines, pulling in several commitments for the future, and Carter was doing his part as well.

"I definitely was recruiting and trying to get people to commit. We need help on defense and it was mainly defensive guys up there. Once I committed, I was trying to convince all the other guys too (laughter)."

Carter, who had previously been committed to Stanford and then Minnesota, says Michigan is his final destination and there should be no worry over where his LOI will be sent.

"It's definitely a done deal (laughter)."

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