Douglass Warns Against Overconfidence

In the aftermath of his big shot performance in Michigan's victory over Michigan State, Stu Douglass said his team must remain solid in their principles if they are to build on the accomplishment.

Question:  Coach Beilein told us that he has been getting texts and emails (about the Michigan State victory).  He got an email from India.  Any strange people or places reaching out to you after last night?

Stu Douglass:  "A lot of people write on my Facebook wall and there were three or four people that I knew out of like 50.  It is pretty cool to see everyone commenting."

Question:  How does it feel?  Coach was saying it is a big game obviously because it is a rivalry, but you cannot hang on to it any longer.  It definitely has got to change the day here.

Stu Douglass:  "Yeah definitely.  It gives us a lot of confidence as a team.  We had that at the beginning of the season, I don't know if it backfired or if we were too overconfident coming into the Big Ten season, but we have to approach every game like yesterday."

Question:  It looked like nerves were not an issue down the stretch.  Did you feel like that?

Stu Douglass:  "They're always there, but I guess the past couple of years…like last year's experience and at that at Breslin kind of helped with I guess getting them out of the way even though the freshman seemed pretty poised throughout the entire game. It didn't really affect them at all."

Question:  The last one, did you know it was good when it left your hand?

Stu Douglass:  "Yeah a little bit.  As I kind of peaked around Draymond (Green) I thought it was going in."

Question:  Did that feel about as good a ball as you have shot in a while?

Stu Douglass:  "Yeah.  Because the other threes felt short.  I don't know what it was.  Maybe it was my legs or just the distance, but that one felt perfect."

Question:  What was it that allowed you guys to shoot so well as a team three wise?

Stu Douglass:  "I don't know, because all my shots could feel good one day and none of them go in.  The next game I'll feel terrible and I'll hit like three 3s.  I think it is just different from game to game as a team.  You never know when you are going to shoot well, but we got some open looks.  They play great tough defense and any little space we got in the there, we kind of just let it go and shot pretty well."

Question:  What was the difference?  That's the first team you've held under 65 since Oakland and is probably one of the teams that you didn't think (you'd do that against).  What do you the difference was?

Stu Douglass:  "I think we just tried to stay solid to our principles.  I know there were a couple of situations where I know I made a mistake or a couple of guys made a mistake defensively, but we recovered and maybe some hustles plays, especially defensive rebounding.  I think the hustle plays and the 50/50 balls were huge for us."

Question:  Was there a moment, maybe a timeout or whatever where you can really remember everybody pulling together?

Stu Douglass:  "It was like 3:40 something.  It was the last media timeout.  Just knowing that it was right there.  I kind of had a sense that they were going to make a little run.  They were going to be more aggressive and get some easier baskets than they had because we really didn't want to foul, but I knew it was right there more than ever.  We were maintaining the lead eight to ten points throughout the game, but it didn't feel secure until the last media timeout."

Question:  You've seen (Zach) Novak intense, but did that scare you a little bit?

Stu Douglass:  "A little bit.  It got me riled up a little bit.  I was trying to be more vocal and more intense and he just topped me by I don't even know by how much.  It was a lot of fun.  It was a lot of fun to see him like that."

Question:  Do you need to say to the younger guys, ‘don't worry he'll come back to us?'

Stu Douglass:  "Naw, they're used to it.  They've seen it from the beginning days of open gym in the summer and Europe and stuff like that.  It was a little different than yesterday.  It was a whole new animal with him a little bit, which is saying a lot.  It was good for the whole team."

Question:  What was that got him riled up?

Stu Douglass:  "I don't even know how to explain everything that was going through everyone's head yesterday.  So many things… the losing streak, Breslin, from not winning there since '97, Me and Zach not beating them the last two years… so many different things combined."

Question:  Is there anything on you guys as leaders that you have to bring the young guys back down now?  Do you guys have that responsibility the next couple of days?

Stu Douglass:  "Yeah I think that is kind of a sensitive area a little bit.  You want to be as confident as possible and we want to look at this game and take it to the next game, but we don't want to keep thinking about this last game and coming out and trying to being overconfident with our shot.  We really pride ourselves on running the offense and not taking bad shots earlier in the shot clock.  They shut down a lot of our stuff, but we were patient at the same time.  We got down in the shot clock and we took better shots.  Coach was just saying, ‘don't take earlier shots because then you got to play even more defense.'  I think we cut down on their possessions a little bit and we got to carry that over to the second game and not be too confident and keep jacking against Iowa."

Question:  A lot of people might think this next game against Iowa (is a guaranteed win) given the fact that they have not performed as well as they probably would have wanted.  Do you see it potentially that it could be dangerous?

Stu Douglass:  "It could be.  There are so many things that could happen.  We're still upset about not protecting the home court, so we're really focusing on that more than anything."

Question:  When you guys faced Mike Jackson, was that weird at all?

Stu Douglass:  "A little bit.  Honestly a little bit.  I loved him when he was here.  He helped me a lot with my game.  That definitely added a little bit to the game.  Not only do we want to beat Purdue but Coach Jack, whatever.  Yeah it was a little bit different."

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