Kellen Jones gets excited, helps recruit

Greg Mattison, Michigan's brand new defensive coordinator, paid a visit to Michigan commit Kellen Jones down in Texas on Thursday. The visit, according to Kellen, was just what the doctor ordered for him. And ... he's helping with anouter U-M recruit.

The Michigan coaches have been out on the road recruiting as well as becoming acquainted with the "old" verbal commitments.

Greg Mattison went down to Houston late last week to get to know 6'2 210 pound linebacker Kellen Jones and his family.

"Wow, I was so excited that he came down to talk," Jones told GoBlueWolverine, "so we could talk and be around each other. I am so impressed with his personality -- he said he is happy about being back at Michigan and very happy about me coming to Michigan."

This was a big visit to Kellen, to find out what Coach Mattison's plans are for not only him but his future Wolverine teammates.

"He said we are going to build the defense back up, and that we were going to a 4-3 defense. Coach said he sees me at the Mike (middle) or the Will (outside) linebacker position. Coach likes that I am a sideline to sideline smash mouth player that can shut down the run. He has seen me coming off the edge blitzing and he wants me to do that when I come there."

Coach Mattison is also particularly happy about this class of recruits and having the chance to speak with them in person.

"Coach said this is his best class so far, because he knows us better then the players that are already there. He said that's because he has been on the road recruiting and meeting this class."

What is quite clear, according to Kellen, is why Mattison came back to coach at Michigan.

"Coach Mattison talked about Coach Hoke being a big part of why he is back coaching at Michigan. He also said how happy his family is about coming back to Michigan. He just shows so much enthusiasm for Michigan."

The visit allowed Kellen's family and Coach Mattison a chance to cheer for something together while watching television.

"We all were watching the Michigan vs. Michigan State on TV and Coach Mattison was cheering for the Wolverines victory. We were all really happy about the win."

With the visit from Coach Mattison it seems that Kellen is ready willing able to come and play for the Wolverines.

"I am ready right now. Coach has me so excited to play -- I am ready to play!"

With Coach Mattison recruiting out on the road GBW asked Kellen, was he helping in that area?

"Oh yes. I have been talking to Darien Cooper (defensive tackle out of Dematha High in Maryland)."

"We have been talking for quite a while, since Coach Rod was here. I am recruiting him hard. He is a little more comfortable now that he knows the coaching staff is going to be here for a while. Darien is interested in Michigan but he just wants to make sure he chooses the right school for himself. He is one of the most humble guys you will ever meet, just a really good person. I just told him you know I want you here and Michigan's coaching staff does too, he just has to do what is best for him."

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