Top Linebacker Keeping His Options Open

Star Miami linebacker <B>Willie Williams</B> has expressed interest in Michigan, but is remaining wide open at this time. Williams filled us in on his recruitment and his interest in the Maize and Blue.

GoBlueWolverine reached top linebacker Willie Williams (6-2, 225 lbs., 4.42 in the forty) from Miami, FL, Carol City HS. With offers from many of the nation's top programs, Williams is certain to be ranked among the elite prospects of 2004.

How many offers do you have so far?

I have a numerous amount of offers. I can't even tell you the number. It's a lot!

Do you have a top 5?

I'm trying not to limit myself to just certain colleges. I'm just trying to stay open to everybody right now.

Is Michigan one of the schools that you're looking at?

Oh yeah. I really like Michigan as well as a lot of other schools. But I really like the defense that they run. As a linebacker, I really like the way they play the position, and their linebacker schemes.

Which linebacker position do you think that you'll play in college?

Most likely outside linebacker. Because I've got 4.3 forty speed, I think I play well against running backs coming out of the backfield, as well as blitzing, and I play the run well.

Have you visited any of the colleges that you're looking at?

No, I haven't visited any yet.

Did you have a favorite team growing up?

Yeah, I had a favorite team. It was Florida State. But it really changed with the weather. It changed as I was growing up. As I matured, I just became more open minded about it. But as a kid, I liked Florida State.

Do you plan to attend any Nike camps or school run summer camps?

I was invited to the Nike camp this Saturday (Miami Nike Camp), so I'll be going to that. I was just discussing with my brother what other camps I might attend, but we haven't decided yet.

What are you looking for in a school?

As far as athletics, I'm really trying not to dwell on that. I'm really trying to look at education, so I have something to fall back on in the future. Every school can offers you athletics, but what if I break my leg tomorrow? What do you offer me then?

How would you describe yourself as a football player?

I would describe myself as a very balanced football player. Because I feel, not to sound big headed, but I feel like I can play the run and the pass well. I feel like I have no weaknesses. Like I'm ready for the next level, both mentally and physically.

Do you think that you'll decide early or wait until the end?

I think I'll decide at the end. Because right now, I couldn't tell you where I want to go, or where I'd want to be.

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