2012 Intro: Devin Funchess

Farmington Hills (MI) Harrison TE Devin Funchess was a big time playmaker for a team that won the Division 2 state title last year. Programs from across the Big Ten took notice and are now have him in their crosshairs. GBW caught up with the talented youngster to get the latest on his recruitment, his decision timeline, his favorite, and more.

Sam Webb:  I know Harrison had a big year this year winning the state title, but how did you do individually?

Devin Funchess:  "I had 33 catches for the year for I believe 800 and some yards and five touchdowns."

Sam Webb:  For folks who haven't seen you play, imagine for a second you a scout up in the stands and you are watching yourself do your thing on the football field, sort of break down your game for me.

Devin Funchess:  "Big target, willing to do get the ball, high-low, doesn't really matter, deep ball – I got it."

Sam Webb:  What is your current height, weight and 40 time?

Devin Funchess:  "I'm 6'4", 205, 4.69."

Sam Webb:  Have you heard about any scholarship offers from schools yet?

Devin Funchess:  "I got an offer from Illinois last week."

Sam Webb:  Has Michigan offered you yet?

Devin Funchess:  "No, but they came up to the school though."

Sam Webb:  What other schools are showing interest right now?

Devin Funchess:  "Michigan State came up, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Bowling Green and Toledo."

Sam Webb:  Those are the schools that are showing you interest in you, but who do you like at this point?

Devin Funchess:  "Right now I just go to see...I want to see all the programs, academics and so forth and how the coaches are."

Sam Webb:  Are there any visits that you know you'll be taking in the near future?

Devin Funchess:  "I have to go to Bowling Green for another senior day coming up.  That's all I know right now."

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Devin Funchess:  "When I was little I liked Michigan State, but that was for basketball. I dumped basketball because I wasn't too good at it (laughter)."

Sam Webb:  Obviously a lot of schools believe you're pretty good on the football field.  If Michigan or Michigan State were to offer you scholarships would you think about making an early decision?

Devin Funchess:  "I'd let it play out.  See what the other colleges have to offer me."

Sam Webb:   Do you know when you'd like to make a decision?

Devin Funchess:  "I would like to go through my senior season and see who else tries to offer."

Sam Webb:  I know a couple of your teammates Aaron Burbridge and Mario Ojemudia are also receiving a great deal of recruiting attention.  Do you guys ever talk about going to the same school?

Devin Funchess:  "Me and Aaron talk about it.  Mario is just off on his own island."

Sam Webb:  I asked you earlier to break down your game.  Now talk about their games a little bit.  Give me your scouting reports on them starting with Aaron.

Devin Funchess:  "Explosive guy.  He's got.  He's never going to stop running.  He has a love for the game.  He always go get it if you throw it up to him."

Sam Webb:  What about Mario?

Devin Funchess:  "Just an animal.  He's just an animal.  He gets the job done.  You tell him to go sack the quarterback ten times and he got you."

Sam Webb:  Let us get back to your recruiting a little bit.  Is there a certain style of offense that you are looking to go into?

Devin Funchess:  "I like the pro game because it keeps it even out.  I like the spread game, but the pro game pretty much fits me well. 

Sam Webb:   I know there are a lot of camps and combines coming up.  Will you be attending any of those?

Devin Funchess:  "I'm going to Rutgers on the 26th and 27th and on the 20th, I've got the Michigan Showcase."

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Funchess in the coming weeks.

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