2012 Intro: Mario Ojemudia

Farmington Hills (MI) Harrison DE/LB Mario Ojemudia was a defensive force for a state title winning squad last year. Michigan and Michigan State have already offered and more are sure to come. GBW caught up with the talented youngster earlier this week to get the latest on his recruitment, his favorite, and more.

Sam Webb:  I know your team had a big year winning the state title and all, but tell me how you did individually.

Mario Ojemudia:  "I did pretty good this year.  I had 127 tackles and 12 sacks."

Sam Webb:  You display a lot of versatility on the football field p so colleges appear be looking at you for different position.  What spot do you see yourself playing in college go to college?

Mario Ojemudia:  "Either at outside linebacker or defensive end."

Sam Webb:  What is your current height, weight, and 40 time?

Mario Ojemudia:  "6'3", 215. "4.69."

Sam Webb:  Who are you hearing from right now as far as colleges, which schools are showing you the most love?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I did get an offer today from (Michigan) State." ***edt note: This part of interview was conducted Monday evening. Michigan extended a scholarship following day. We got back in touch with Ojemudia for his reaction, which appears at the end of this article.***

Sam Webb:  Who else?

Mario Ojemudia:  "Michigan, Penn State, Nebraska, Iowa, Purdue."

Sam Webb:  Now have all those schools offered you?

Mario Ojemudia:  "No those are just schools that are showing interest."

Sam Webb:  Have you had an opportunity to make it out and visit to those schools?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I've been to Michigan State."

Sam Webb:  Is that your favorite right now?

Mario Ojemudia:  "Yeah, I suppose."

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan of them or is it just a matter of them offering you first that puts them on top?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I've been a fan."

Sam Webb:  Are thinking of making an early commitment to or are you going to wait it out some?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I think I'm going to let it play out."

Sam Webb:  How big is Michigan State's lead at this point?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I don't know.  Michigan State has been one of the only schools that has really been talking to me that much -- actually physically talking with me. The other schools don't do that.  That's got my interest in (Michigan State) up there."

Sam Webb:  You said you made it out to State on a visit.  Where else do you think you want to visit during the winter and spring?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I want to go out to Penn State and Iowa."

Sam Webb:  You mentioned Michigan State, what are your thoughts on Michigan at this point?

Mario Ojemudia:  "Nothing really, it is not like neutral right now."

Sam Webb:  You said they made it out to the school, do you know who came by?

Mario Ojemudia:  "Coach Singletary."

Sam Webb:  Do you know anything about the new staff or defensive coordinator at all?

Mario Ojemudia:  "No."

Sam Webb:  When you get ready to sit down and make your decision whenever that is, I know you said that you are going to wait it out some, but what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Mario Ojemudia:  "Academics and then it is going to be just how the program is and if it is a winning program."

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Mario Ojemudia:  "Kind of, but not really though."

Sam Webb:  What will your parents say about the distance thing?

Mario Ojemudia:  "My mom is probably going to say stay close to home, but my dad will (support) wherever I choose."

Sam Webb:  What about timeline?  You said you were going to wait it out a little bit.  Ballpark, when do you think you'll be making your college decision?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I have no idea."

***Wednesday evening addendum:  Scout.com reported that Ojemudia received an offer from Michigan Tuesday, so we got back in touch with him to get his reaction.***

Sam Webb:  "We heard that Michigan offered you this week.  How did you hear the news?

Mario Ojemudia:  My coach told me.  I've never talked to anybody from Michigan.

Sam Webb:  I know you said Michigan State is your leader.  Is Michigan up there on your list now that they've offered as well?

Mario Ojemudia:  "I don't really have any connections with them.  I don't know much about the program.  I haven't talked to anybody, so they're not really up there."

Sam Webb:  Do you anticipate make any visits to Michigan for junior days or spring practice?

Mario Ojemudia:  "If I get invited."

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