Three Stick out for Biegel

Wisconsin Rapids (WI) Lincoln LB Vince Biegel has seen his recruitment pick up steam in recent weeks. Michigan was the latest to offer the talented youngster a scholarship, with more surely on the horizon. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the Dairy State star to get his feelings on the Maize & Blue, plus the latest in his recruitment including his current list of favorites.

Sam Webb:  Before we get into your overall recruiting, let us go back and talk about your season.   How did the season go for you and your team?

Vince Biegel:  "We were projected pretty high this year in Wisconsin.  We ended up losing in the second round of the playoffs to Stephens-Point.  We were winning the whole entire game, but we ended up losing it with like 30 seconds to go.  They went for two and they got it.  We ended up losing by one point to the state runner up.  It was kind of a tough thing to watch, but we had a really great season as a team.  We had some really great leaders with our seniors, and I was actually the first junior captain in school history, so that was pretty cool.  We had quite a few seniors, but we have some really talented guys coming back next year.  We'll have a good team next year.  Individually wise, I thought I had a pretty strong season.  I can't really give you any stats.  I don't know what they are.  Overall, I thought I had a good season overall.  I was pretty happy."

Sam Webb:  For the people that haven't seen you play, tell me a little bit about your game.

Vince Biegel:  "My strength/weaknesses type of deal?"

Sam Webb:  Yeah exactly.

Vince Biegel:  "Probably more of my strengths, I feel like I am pretty fast for a linebacker.  I actually played free safety my sophomore year.  I feel like I can cover guys well in that respect.  I feel pretty comfortable in open space.  That would probably be one of my strengths -- one of my big strengths.  Being a blue collar kid being from Wisconsin, I'm the type of kid who is going to be working for people.  I'm a guy who will work for you and I'll put all my effort into it no matter what.  One thing I definitely need to work on as a player is probably my size.  I'm 6'3", 210, but I feel like I could be a little heavier, 220.  I just want to be a really physical, MIKE linebacker or wherever Michigan or whatever what other school wants me to play.  I want to be as physical as possible coming in there."

Sam Webb:  What is your fastest 40 time?

Vince Biegel:  "They got a me a 4.59 handheld time here Wisconsin Rapids.  I know that doesn't mean nothing, but I end up getting like a 4.72 at the combine or something, US All American Combine. "

Sam Webb:  We heard up this way that you received an offer from Michigan.  How and when did it come through?

Vince Biegel:  "Yeah, (Tuesday). Coach Mattison, defensive coordinator over at Michigan called me up from school.  I also got a chance to talk to Coach Hoke, the head coach at Michigan."

Sam Webb:  What other schools have offered you a scholarship so far?

Vince Biegel:  "Some of the other schools are Wisconsin, BYU, Tennessee, Northern Illinois, Minnesota Gophers, University of Iowa, Michigan State, Michigan who just offered me, and I believe that is it."

Sam Webb:  I'm just going to say a few of those schools really quick and you just give me your thoughts.  Your dad played at BYU, right?

Vince Biegel:  "Yeah my father (Rocky Biegel), he played at BYU, as well as my uncle T.D. and my grandfather.  So I definitely have some BYU ties.  My dad did play linebacker at BYU.  I'm familiar with the school.  I've sort of watched them growing up and it is a school that I have been watching for.  Would I say that BYU is set in stone? No.  Obviously, it is place that I've always wanted to go to and thankfully I've got an opportunity to potentially play for them.  As a player, I kind of want to look at other schools as well.  Like my dad told me, this is my decision.  He wants me to be comfortable where I'm going to and kind of make my decision."

Sam Webb:  You obviously live in Wisconsin.  They had a fantastic season. What are your thoughts on the Badgers?

Vince Biegel:  "They were hot on me earlier, the Badgers and I really like them a lot.  I was first guy they offered in the class of 2012.  That was a pretty cool deal.   They got some really great coaches from Wisconsin.  I'm really excited about Wisconsin program as well.  I like Coach Doeren, their defensive coordinator and linebacker coach.  I'm kind of just looking around now.  I'm really interested in Michigan because their defensive coordinator, Greg Mattison is just a great guy.  He brings a lot of stuff to the program and I know he is going to turn the Michigan into what it should be and will be."

Sam Webb:  Were you already familiar with Coach Mattison?

Vince Biegel:  "Coach Mattison, he recruited my dad actually and he knows my grandfather really well as well.  He is actually friends with some of the people in town here in Wisconsin.  He comes here once a year for football camps and stuff like that.  He knows Coach Mancuso."

Sam Webb:  Another school that I want you to talk about is Michigan State?

Vince Biegel:  "Michigan State is awesome as well and everything, but when I'm looking at the Big Ten overall, probably right now if I had to pick what my school is, #1 is probably Wisconsin.  I'm kind of an instate guy obviously, that is probably my #1 choice overall, but looking at Michigan State.  I'm really interested in them as well.  I haven't gotten a chance to go out to their university yet, their campus yet.  Me and my father are planning on going out there and I'm excited about those guys as well."

Sam Webb:  Let us talk process for a second.  Let us pretend for a second that you are getting ready to sit down and make your college decision, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Vince Biegel:  "The factors that I am looking for in some colleges are definitely their position coaches and kind of like the defensive coordinator.  I'm kind of like a coach that you teach you the ropes and is like a father figure.  Teaching me what is going on and stuff like that, a good communicator.  Another thing is, probably education.  I work hard in class and stuff like that.  I definitely care about my education off the field as well.  Probably where the program is going to would be another thing I'm looking at.  I want a program that has guys that want to win on it.  Every team wants to win, but guys who really want to step up and make this work and play in some big games."

Sam Webb:  Let us talk timeline.  Have you given any thought as to when you would like to have this decision made?

Vince Biegel:  "Yeah, we've talked about times.  I'm flying out to BYU at the spring break to check out their campus at BYU.  I haven't really gotten a chance to look out there quite yet, look-look and go on through all the tours and stuff.  The decision process will probably be somewhere like the beginning of the school year or maybe towards the middle of my football season."

Sam Webb:  You sort of identified a couple of schools that are kind of sticking out right now.  I know Wisconsin is up there and BYU is up there.  Are there any other schools that you would put in your top group of schools right now?

Vince Biegel:  "As a prospect coming in, this is not to shoo any other school away at all, but right now my top there schools are definitely Michigan, Wisconsin and BYU.  Those are my three schools…probably Wisconsin obviously #1 and then BYU and Michigan.  Those are my top three schools that I'm looking at.  Obviously, I'm an instate guy here in Wisconsin, but definitely Michigan and BYU as well."

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