Beilein's Roundtable: Previewing Indiana

John Beilein met with the media yesterday to discuss tomorrow's match up with Indiana. Michigan's headman discussed his squad's success with the screen & roll, Jordan Morgan's strong play, and more.

Coach Beilein:  "With the four games in nine days, we had to take yesterday off.  You don't like to do that, but maybe it is a good thing that we could rest a little bit. We have a busy day today.  We don't have a lot of classes with some of our guys on Friday, so we already did a little work.  Now we got to really take what we learned from the Northwestern film, we did clean up some things.  Now we're going to go into the practice on Indiana.  With the four o'clock game tomorrow is challenging, but it is the time of the year that you've got to be able to adapt."

Question:  What is challenging?

Coach Beilein:  "Usually we have a good day, the day that you don't have to take off.  Typically it is a Thursday.  You would walk through all their stuff.  You would watch tape on last game, you'd really be prepared for today.  Today, we had to do that this morning.  I didn't want to go four hours today. I think we had three and a half hours left this week as it was.  We were just going through it.  It is basically one day prep, even though they get their rest yesterday.  We weren't allowed to do anything with them anyway, so they just rehabbed."

Question:  Do you even go over much with Northwestern then, or did you just kind of wait?

Coach Beilein:  "What we'll show them today is action Northwestern runs that would be very similar to what Indiana will show us -- a lot of ball screens and things.  What we'll also do is talk about some things offensively against them that will be similar to how Indiana will play."

Question:  It is not your typically where you like to do it normally, where you have got more time?

Coach Beilein:  "No but it is okay.  Everybody has to deal with it and as long as the Big Ten channel, if you're going to have two on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, two on Thursday -- everybody runs into these clusters and we just have to adapt."

Question:  The lineup, you going to switch back?

Coach Beilein:  "I'm not sure yet, but we'll look at a lot of different things.  We're trying to get the five best players for who we are particularly playing against that day on the floor.  It depends probably a little bit about who they start as well."

Question:  What does a Stu (Douglass) starting lineup do versus an Evan (Smotrycz) starting lineup?

Coach Beilein:  "We go much smaller at the four position obviously.  We're playing 6'4" at the four position.  That's why it really depends a lot on who their four man is.  What their particular defense is as well.  Do you want four guards out there handling the ball, or do you want three guards out there handling the ball."

Question:  Do you make that decision after practice today or do you make it tomorrow?

Coach Beilein:  "I'll show parts of it today in practice and I'll probably make a decision today of what we're going to end up doing.  I pretty much have my mind made up now, I'm just not telling you guys."

Question:  In terms of Jordan (Morgan), is that offensive success depending on quite a bit on what they do?  You said the other day it was because of what they did.

Coach Beilein:  "The switching of the ball screens is where you want to attack the switch.  Sometimes you do and sometimes you attack the big man that comes out and take him to the basket or shoot over him.  But other times you just attack the mismatch.  We tried to do both and we were fairly successful at it."

Question: Are there ways for Jordan to be active offensively without them making him so?

Coach Beilein:  "I think that any time you can end up getting two guys to guard any of our other guys, as you noticed, we're doing an awful lot of ball screen action.  Two guys have to help on the ball…one guy has to help so that means two guards are consumed with the ball.  That's where he really gets a lot of action from that.  As long as you have other shooters out there, it is hard for them to leave those guys.  Like you see, Ohio State didn't would leave the perimeter on three of our guys, they would just stay there.  So basically are playing two on two.  You put two guys on Darius (Morris) for a second and there is a fleeting seconds that Jordan Morgan is open.  So the timing of that has to be special to get that done." 

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