Tom's Spring Scrimmage Observations

GBW's Tom, Matt and Sam each had their own observations and impressions of Saturday's Michigan Spring Scrimmage. Rather than creating one consensus report, we think it is more interesting to our readers to get the varying impressions of each of us.

Overall: the team looked sharp on offense, and pretty sharp on defense. In my opinion, the Wolverines looked ready to play a game right now.

On Offense:

Ready for Big Season: quarterback John Navarre. Navarre looks like he could do it with his eyes closed now. He was comfortable, smooth and right on the money. Regarding a #2 quarterback, there is a drop-off from Navarre no matter who wins the job, but Spencer Brinton looked a little ahead of Matt Gutierrez to me.

Running Back: senior Chris Perry did not get many snaps in order to protect him from injury, and David Underwood was out with a minor ding. So most of the snaps went to Pierre Rembert, who showed good speed and some power. Rembert looked 6-0, 185-190 lbs. to me. I do believe that in a game situation Underwood is the #2 RB.

Fullback: Sean Sanderson has been held out from the spring for a non-injury reason and his status is not known; freshman Brian Thompson was on the sidelines with a minor ding; right now Kevin Dudley looks to be the starter.

Injuries on offense: OL Leo Henige will have his shoulder scoped soon (according to Coach Carr at his press conference); on the sidelines with minor injuries were freshman receivers Carl Tabb and Steve Breaston (chronic hamstring for much of the spring), Underwood, and fullback Thompson.

Intriguing notion on offense: Braylon Edwards has been catching some punts in the spring.

On Defense:

Intriguing sight on defense: cornerback Marlin Jackson playing a fair amount at safety. Coach Carr said in his post-game press conference that with corners Jeremy LeSueur and Markus Curry both playing well, he might want all three 'coverage guys' on the field in certain situations.

Intriguing sight #2 on defense: the defensive backfield in general. With Jackson at safety and Ernest Shazor not there (Carr said his situation would be "alright"), the backfield just looked, well ... just different, that's all.

Ready to go: Linebackers Roy Manning, Lawrence Reid. Both showed good speed. Also looking ready: defensive linemen Gabriel Watson and Larry Harrison. And safety John Shaw, though not very large in size, delivered some big hits.

Not as ready to go: safety Willis Barringer showed good potential at safety in my opinion (size, speed, hitting ability), but is still a little bit raw; safety Jacob Stewart still looked somewhat raw.

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