Things Players Said To Me Saturday

There was a press conference after the game with comments from Coach Carr and several players. We will bring that to you elsewhere. Here however is what several players said to me, Tom Beaver, personally after the game.

Chris Perry: "The seniors will keep the team together through the summer; we've got a 'chip on our shoulder' for next season."

Braylon Edwards "We are ready to play right now. In fact, the day after the Outback Bowl we were ready to play another season! I'm an upperclassmen now and will help lead this team through the summer and into next season!"

David Underwood: "I'm comfortable now and ready to go out and play well. Don't worry, you'll see!"

Roy Manning: "My knee is 100% and I'm ready to go. I've played SAM all spring" (by the way, Manning LOOKED great, at maybe 6-2 1/2, 235 lbs.).

Willis Barringer: "I like the move to safety, that's my spot! I like hitting people from the safety spot! It's a challenge to not have the sideline there to help you like a cornerback has. I like it!"

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