Matt Godin w/ GBW on U-M Visit

Detroit Catholic Central Matt Godin visited U-M Monday with his dad. He talks with GBW's Sam Webb about how things went ... does he have a timetable?

Sam Webb: So how did the visit go?

Matt Godin: "It went amazing. It was amazing. I got there around 1:30. I went with one of my best friends whose name is Trent and then I went with my dad too."

Sam Webb: You say it was amazing, just take me through beginning to end.

Matt Godin: "Yeah. I walked in and met Coach Singletary, right in Schembechler Hall. He took me up to meet Coach Montgomery. He told me the whole scheme that I would be doing. He said I could play my freshman year. He said I could come in and play the five technique defensive end. I loved it. Coach Hoke, we talked about everything. Literally everything, you name we talked about it. It was great."

Sam Webb: When did you talk to Coach Mattison?

Matt Godin: "It went Montgomery, then I came in and talked to Coach Mattison, then Coach Hoke came in when I was talking to Coach Mattison. He just said hi real quick, but he had to go to a team meeting. After that, I went down to tour the facilities and then I came back up and had my final meeting with Coach Hoke for like 30 Minutes."

Sam Webb: You sat down with Coach Mattison, I imagine he talked a lot about his defensive plan and how you'd fit in?

Matt Godin: "Oh yeah. He turned on the Ravens film and he was like this is who you will be. I don't know who it was. There number was 92 or something. It was just the same old five technique. He was like, ‘you come here, we're not letting anyone run on us. We'll take it as an insult if someone tries to run on us.'"

Sam Webb: At any point, did any other coaches talk to you about making a decision?

Matt Godin: "Oh yeah. They said that I could be the first commit. They said that I could get all those other instate players because they know I'm kind of close to some of them – I know them all. He said I could pretty much be the leader of the team and get everyone together."

Sam Webb: So who hit you with that the hardest?

Matt Godin: "Probably Coach Singletary. He made me laugh saying all that stuff."

Sam Webb: He hit pretty hard.

Matt Godin: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: What about Coach Mattison and Coach Hoke?

Matt Godin: "It was more subtle with those guys, yeah."

Sam Webb: Were you close at all to making a decision?

Matt Godin: "It popped in my mind that I could definitely see myself playing for them."

Sam Webb: What held you back?

Matt Godin: "You never know… I could like another school more. So I'm going to look at every other school."

Sam Webb: So rate this visit on a scale of 1-10, one being the lowest and ten being the highest. What would you rate your Michigan visit?

Matt Godin: "I'm going to give that visit a nine."

Sam Webb: How did your dad enjoy it?

Matt Godin: "He loved it. He loved it! He liked Michigan State a lot too. He was like, ‘Those coaches are good.' I said we'll see after this visit. He was impressed."

Sam Webb: What is next as far as visits are concerned?

Matt Godin: "Vanderbilt offered me today so I'll probably take a visit there. Then Wisconsin I'm visiting already. I already got my ticket and everything, this Saturday."

Sam Webb: What about Michigan State?

Matt Godin: "Yeah they're instate, I'll obviously swing around there every once in a while."

Sam Webb: So who do you have offers from right now?

Matt Godin: "Michigan, Vanderbilt, Michigan State, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Duke and Buffalo." Sam Webb: What about timeline? Do you kind of have a feeling about when you're going to bring everything to a close?

Matt Godin: "I really have no idea any more."

Sam Webb: Do you think this is something that could go through your senior season into next winter?

Matt Godin: "No, no, I'm not taking that long. It is going to be before my senior season. That's for sure. I'm not going to take it out."

Sam Webb: So at the latest, this summer then?

Matt Godin: "Sometime this summer, probably the beginning of summer maybe."

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