Beilein, Players talk about it

Coach Beilein, Stu Douglass, Evan Smotrycz talk about the loss, and, more importantly, look ahead.

Coach Beilein: "Our kids, some of you have interviewed them, they're down. They really played their hearts out today, didn't come up with a W. It is tough. We had some really good breaks in our game at Iowa where we ended up making a 50% shooter shoot two foul shots. The ball went around and out on one of the last plays. It just turns around today. A young man, who I don't think was trying to bank it and banks a shot. That's how it goes. As I explained in the Iowa game, you just can't control some of the things that happen in a game. Really proud of the way our kids played. The big thing right now is to learn from it and stay just as hungry as they were walking out for this game, because we were hungry for this team."

Question: Is that what you meant when you told them to embrace it?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah don't like it, but you got to use it right now. I'm sure they're all going to think back in the next day, geez if I had done this and I had done that, well those are probably all things that we can do, but as a young team has to do. Do not use this as a crutch right now, because we got another game coming up on Saturday. You just got to say, the breaks didn't go your way this game. You're the same team if the ball goes off the rim, you get all happy, it is one bounce. But there are a series of plays in the game starting at the very beginning to the end that could impact that but it is never one player."

Question: Take us through the ‘deny' on the last play.

Coach Beilein: "We had the fouls to give. So we wanted to give them very little time to do some things. We were switching all the screens and we ended up with (Jordan) Taylor just making penetration, not necessary not wanting to give help off of him but knowing he can get by and we gave some solid help and got back to the man. I don't know how much the man was off him, but we did not want to give strong side help off anyone to make sure it went into overtime as opposed to giving up a three. It was so close, he gapped it and I'm not sure we had a quick man there, the next man there or not, who got back to it and contest it, but kid shot it from here. We did basically everything that we wanted to do. Taylor is so talented. I think we would all agree, you see a lot of point guards come into Crisler and that guy has got to be at the top of your lists of guys you've seen recently as far as being efficient. We might have gone into overtime and won it if we hadn't gapped off him, but you don't know. We did not want to give strong side help, we did."

Question: Leading up to before the last play, did the fouling go as you wanted? Did that take off the amount of time that you thought it would take off?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah, we had three to give. You want to do that and they were not down two. The strategy is not to take the last shot. They're going to be aggressive and what they're going to do is they're going to go right at you and try to tie the game. They're not going to wait for the last shot I don't think, not down two. You just try to ease it down and get it as low as you can. They ran a little thing, Stu grabbed him; you would have liked to take a little more time off before the last one, they are so quick, they called the foul."

Question: Are free throws an issue and is there anything you can do?

Coach Beilein: "Our best guy, I mean Tim (Hardaway) is 0-2. Jordan Morgan who has troubles this year, makes both. It is the whole thing… Darius (Morris) was in and out. We have several guys who are good foul shooters and for only to shoot 11 is not necessarily good, and 5/11 certainly is not acceptable and I'm sure those guys are beating themselves up as well."

Question: What do you think about so many close calls? You got the Ohio State, Kansas, there are so many games that you guys were just that close; is it something to take away from that or is it…?

Coach Beilein: "I think on the flipside you got what we just had at Iowa and what we had to do with the Northwestern win here. Even the Indiana (game), we had to make clutch plays down the stretch in order to win those games. Penn State, Zach (Novak) had a … ... some years you win them all and sometimes it is situations like this. Sometimes it just poise and moxie you win more than you lose. Sometimes, you just cannot catch a break and you have those situations. We're doing everything we can to win and that would have been a good one to get. Sometimes that key rebound they got here and or there because there length is a little bit bigger, or they are a little bit stronger, all those things could play into it. Once again, there are other components of the game that maybe put us in a position to win."

Question: Is it easier for you to have perspective than the players because you've been through it?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah. I haven't lost too many on a bank shot like that, but it is…like I said, they play 120 games. I feel really bad for them right now, but my role right now is to get them back. We'll have a little bit of an 18 hour rule where we can sulk a little bit, but when practice starts tomorrow, it is all about Minnesota and learn from this."

Question: Is there a game that you can think back in your career that you can use in this situation to prepare?

Coach Beilein: "What I'll try to do is come up with something that is really that they can really learn from this and grow from it. Many times it is moments like that, they can be, they don't have to be, but they can be defining moments a little bit. With our size and our youth and all of these things, we have to play a pretty perfect game against a team like Wisconsin. We did a pretty good job at it, but I'm sure we would like to have some plays back. We'll try to do that. I love your swagger, I love all those things, but we got to do this here."

Question: What strides have you seen defensively the last few games?

Coach Beilein: "All our guys, it has got to be a collective defensive, it has got to be. You cannot have one guy break down. I think that has been the area where we have had, a guy gets tired and we've been trying to do a good job of managing the timeouts. A guy gets tired, he lets down, or he doesn't know the scouting report. I think we're growing like that. (Jon) Leuer hit that three, or drove by Jordan Morgan and he didn't drive by him any more. The last time he drove by him was the last time. He stayed in front of him, he stayed in front of him. My message will be Jordan, earlier in the half you showed your athleticism that is something that has got to be a constant and he's been doing it more, but it is tough in the middle of the game."

Question: Is this different than the (Evan) Turner situation last year because that was the end of the year?

Coach Beilein: "Yeah. Thank goodness we get to play again. We go to Minnesota on Saturday for a 3:30 game central time and we got to bounce back. They were ahead by three or four points last night with like three or four minutes and they lost. Two bounce back teams, who can do it better. It is at Minnesota, we got to play even better than this to win there."

Question: On Michigan's tournament hopes…

Coach Beilein: "Obviously each time you lose, you got to beat somebody else to make up for it. It gets down to a numbers game a little bit; how many of those type of wins do you have. Close doesn't count. You would hope if it does, if we can get a few more that they do look at overtime Kansas, people would say this team can play. You just got to win one more and we just had one."


Question: Tough loss tonight, how do you bounce back on Saturday against Minnesota?

Stu Douglass: "Get film on Minnesota, learn from this game, get better, really got to embrace the loss. We got to get a little hungry."

Question: What did coach say in the locker room after that game?

Stu Douglass: "To embrace it. You don't have to like it, but we have to move on and we have no choice but to move on, we look forward to Minnesota and Michigan State."

Question: You guys have been in this situation a couple of times this year; how tough is it to just keep happening to you guys?

Stu Douglass: "It's frustrating but it is the bumps and bruises you take with a young team that keeps improving. All we can do is keep playing our hardest and keep improving every single day and bounce back tomorrow and practice. We can't let it linger. We'll think about it, review it, analyze the game but can't linger on it."


Question: What's the most difficult part about guarding all those Wisconsin big guys out there?

Evan Smotrycz: "They're tough. They definitely outrebounded us significantly. They're long and they do a good job of going to the offensive glass. They're pretty versatile, so I think that posed a little bit of a problem."

Question: You guys have been here before this season, what can you do to bounce back against Minnesota?

Evan Smotrycz: "We've been bouncing back all season, so I'm not really worried about our effort going forward. I think we put ourselves in a position to win the game and we'll have a good shot on the road."

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