Irvin makes it up - again - to see Michigan

2013 Indiana guard Zak Irvin made it to A2 recently up to see the Michigan basketball team's win over Indiana Hoosiers. For Zak it was a chance to see some friendly faces in the locker room and develop an ever-improving relationship with the coaching staff.

Michigan seems to really very well acquainted with the Zak Irvin, with the family coming up to see the Wolverines play as well as learning what the Wolverines have to offer.

"This is my fifth time coming up to Michigan and my second game of the season, I had a great time up it gets better each time I go up there."

The 6-5 guard from Fishers, Indiana has the opportunity as he visits Michigan to not only get closer with the staff but also the players whom he enjoys seeing when he comes up for a game.

"I talk to Stu Douglass and Zach Novak a lot when I come to Michigan, they spoke with me when I first came up and we just continue to talk with each other."

This has nothing to do with you all being from the same state does it?

"Well I think it does those guys give me at advice when I ask for it and they playfully want to know when I am going to commit. Most of our conversations are just about regular I also talk with Darius Morris and the rest of the team. It is nice to see the players when I visit."

The coaching staff has really begun to build a solid relationship with Irvin as well.

"I just talked to Coach Beilein last Wednesday; we talked about my grades, life and basketball he was just calling to check in on me. Coach also came to see me play this year twice and I played pretty well when he was there."

Although his relationship is solid with Coach Beilein it is another coach that could tip things in Michigan's favor with the relationship he is putting together with Irvin.

"Coach Jordan. I call him at least once a week, maybe twice sometime. He always lets me know that I am a student first and an athlete second. Coach Jordan wants me to make smart choices, the same things my parents talk to me about. As far as basketball goes he wants me to get stronger and rebound more those are the things we talk about."

Zak continues to receive plenty of attention from colleges all over the country.

"Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Baylor, Miami, Butler, Louisville, Marquette and Xavier are schools that are paying attention right now."

Although others in the class of 2013 are signing early in the process, it is not making him rush. He is just enjoying the show.

"I am just going to take my time. I really like meeting the coaches and players as well as seeing the campus of different colleges that I visit. I am having fun with it right now."

All Zak has to do his follow the advice of those close to him and he will be just fine.

"My parents and my Coach tell me to just stay humble and I will be just fine."


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