Pictures from the Final Practice

GoBlueWolverine was at the final spring practice on Saturday with camera in hand. While the walls of the 'Fort' were closed to the public, we bring Michigan fans a huge gallery of photos from the practice.

First teamers line up against each other

Braylon Edwards sporting the #1

v Tyrece Butler goes out for the pass

Steve Breaston and Jason Avant watch final practice from the sidelines

Tim Massaquoi between the plays

Andy Mignery blocks Pat Massey and Jeff Gaston prepares to take on Lawrence Reid, while Pierre Rembert runs the ball

Braylon Edwards heads back to the huddle

Spencer Brinton delivers the pass

Matt Gutierrez looks for an open receiver

Mike Kolodziej and Kevin Dudley line up to play

Here comes the counter

Mike Kolodziej blocks Rondell Biggs

Practicing the punt block

Calvin Bell goes after the punt

Adam Finley gets the punt away, before Lawrence Reid can get the block

Ron English instructs the defensive backs

Marlin Jackson lining up at safety

Jeremy LeSueur watches as the offense lines up

Darnell Hood trying out his new position at corner

Jacob Stewart lining up at safety

Timmy Bracken and Jeremy Van Alstyne

Battle of the Pierres: Woods tracks down Rembert, while Curry sheds Bell's block

Larry Harrison takes on Mark Bihl

Gabe Watson – ready to play

Rembert gets tripped up. Julius Curry, Jeremy Van Alstyne, David Harris, Pat Massey, and Lawrencee Reid on defense.

Pierre Woods, David Harris, and Lawrence Reid at linebacker

Lawrence Reid, Pat Massey, Gabe Watson, Pierre Woods, and Larry Stevens waiting on the offense

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