Tshimanga looking for the right program

"As a kid watching football I told my friend I am going to play that one day." Well, after a tough life growing up, Jeremiah Tshimanga has an opportunity to do what he'd set out in his mind to do -- and that is play football.

When you talk with Jeremiah Tshimanga you can literally hear the sincerity in his voice. The fact that he has made it this far is a story in itself. He has not had it at all easy growing up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

"When I was younger my siblings and I were homeless and in and out of foster care. It was tough, but I finally landed with a family that looked after me and things are fine now. As a kid watching football I told my friend I am going to play that one day, and now I'm getting to do that."

With all he has gone through his dream of playing football is still alive and well. Colleges have started to notice the Richland Hills, Texas linebacker and are now seeking out his services to play for them.

There is one school that he has some knowledge of but would like to know a little more about.

"I know about Michigan, because my cousin Tshimanga Biakbatuka used to play for them. I also had a chance to watch them on television last season and I saw Denard Robinson -- he is a really good athlete. He plays like Michael Vick in college."

Knowing what he does about the Maize and Blue, he wants to know more.

"I still have to get to know them for myself. I have researched them somewhat but I need to know more. The Michigan coaches will be coming down in the spring to see me, and I am coming to Michigan soon to see what the school is about. I do know they have great fans."

He has some offers from some big schools and he has interest from other big schools as well. Schools should not wait too long to jump in or they might miss out.

"I am going to graduate early and enroll in college.

As far what he is looking for in a school, he says, "I want the right program for me. Most schools want me coming off the edge as a linebacker. I feel like I am just a football player, and it doesn't matter to me where they line me up at."

He will have a chance to choose what All-American game to play in.

"I have been invited to play in the Army All-American game and the Under Armour game. I feel really blessed to have this opportunity."

With what Jeremiah has gone through, he deserves it.

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