Ringer Having Michigan Dreams (Part 1)

The Clayton (OH) Northmont standout made his way up to Michigan a few weeks back and left town with a scholarship offer. In part one of this two-part feature the Buckeye State star reflects upon his time in Ann Arbor and sheds light on his recent conversation with Brady Hoke about the Michigan dreams he has been having lately.

Sam Webb:  You came up on that visit a few weeks ago and you told me afterward they offered you a scholarship. Take me through how everything went down.

Kaleb Ringer "Yeah when I got up there, man it was nice.  When we first came on campus, we walked in and they took us around the facilities and everything.  Singletary took me and my dad around the facilities and everything and then we sat down with Hoke for, I want to say an hour.  It was just me, my dad and Hoke sitting in his office.  He is so humble.  Everything he said was so humble.  He is like an average Joe.  It was like ‘dang, I've never seen this before.'  He was in his sweats just talking to us.  This is a couple of hours before the alumni was about to show up.  I guess they have this day where juniors and seniors can talk to alumni -- networking with guys who played football who didn't go to the league but are still successful being doctors and lawyers and just businessman.  So they know that they have a job once they get out of Michigan.  He talked to us like he didn't have to do that in a couple of hours.  It felt really special.  I was the only one up there.  I just went to Ohio State on Sunday and I was like one of 13 guys up there.  I went up to Michigan and I was the only guy up there."

"After we got done talking Coach Hoke was like, ‘I'll meet back up with you guys after you get a tour of campus and everything.'  He sat down with Coach Mattison and Coach Montgomery after we walked out with Singletary and he said, ‘Did you tell them?'  He was like, 'Naw I knew there was something that I forgot to say'.  He got so wrapped up in the conversation he forgot to even tell me that they had offered (laughter).  So he came back up and tried to catch up with us.  Before we got in the car, he was like, Kaleb, you know got an offer.  I said, ‘Do I coach?'  I came up and we hugged each other and he slapped me on the butt and everything."

"Then (Chris) Singletary took us around the campus, he showed us campus and everything.  It was nice.  It was very welcoming environment.  Then they took us to the field.  He said, ‘one way in, one way out.' There was enough snow that was moved out of the way just so you can stand right on the M and it was big.  It was nice.  There is nothing bad I can say about (the visit). "

Sam Webb:  Did you get a chance to spend some time with Greg Mattison?

Kaleb Ringer:  "Yeah.  He sat me and my dad down and we had a film session.  It was just us in his office and I guess something was wrong with his knee or something, so he had his crutches.  He was sitting down and he was showing us film of the Ravens against the Jets.  The way they had it, they had different camera angle views.  One angle was what we would see when we watch the game, another angle would be behind the quarterback, or behind the safety kind of stuff.  He was pointing with his clicker at (Jameel) McLain, the linebacker, and he said ‘Can you do that for me -- can you make this play for me?'  They run a 4-3 (at Michigan) so he was like, ‘We're going to cover you up.  We're not going to let you get touched.  Some of these plays you can make better than them because we know you faster than them.'  He was just trying to make me feel good or whatever.  I was like, 'Yeah coach I can do that for you.' He said, ‘Do you think I would leave the Ravens to come here and just do nothing?  We're definitely going back to the old Michigan.'  I bought it.  I bought every word of it."

"I just got off the phone with Hoke (Tuesday) and I told him about this dream I had a couple weeks ago. They're on vacation right now, so he was in Florida when I told him this. It was me, my dad, and Hoke and we were sitting at this table.  It was on this platform.  It was in this small press conference room.  They had microphones and it probably wasn't a realistic dream, but it had ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, CBS, just all these microphones all in front of my face.  I had the Michigan jersey on, it was blue.  It had the (maize) #1, because I wear the #1, and and it had Adidas on the neck.  I had Michigan hat on.  My hair was longer.  All the guys were asking questions.  One of those guys asked, so why Michigan, Kaleb?  Everybody got quiet and people were taking pictures and stuff.  I was like, ‘Because Coach Hoke is where it is at!' like that.  Then Coach Hoke and my dad was both started laughing and gave each other (a high five).  Then I woke up.  It was so weird.  It just looked so real.  Usually I can never see myself in my dreams.  Everything I see is what I'm looking at.  I was on TV and I was looking at myself.  It was sweet."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two in which Ringer discusses his feelings about Ohio State, where Michigan now stands on his list, and more. Is a commitment on the horizon?

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