Ringer Having Michigan Dreams (Part 2)

In part two of this two-part feature Clayton (OH) Northmont LB shares his feelings on Ohio State, discusses his updated leaderboard, his decision timeline, and more. Is Michigan now the team to beat?

Sam Webb:  So that's why you just called Coach Hoke (Tuesday) – just so you could tell him about the dream you had (laughter)?

Kaleb Ringer "I actually called Hoke, because my AD yesterday was basically playing 20 questions with me and she was giving me reasons why I should not go to Michigan.  She was trying to pump up Ohio State.  She wouldn't say that is what she was doing, but that is what I got out of it.  She was like, ‘Why do you want to go to a program that has been a losing program for the past three years?'  I was like, ‘That's under Rich (Rodriguez).  You don't know what is going to happen under Hoke.'  Really all I hear down here is Ohio State, Ohio State, Ohio State…when I talked to you last time, I told you about my frustrations with Ohio State.  It is the only school that has been dragging their feet.  I talked to (his AD) last Thursday and she was like, ‘Yeah they are probably going to offer you when you go up there (on Sunday), so be courteous,' blah, blah, blah.   (Clayton Northmont headman) Coach (Lance) Schneider had the same story, ‘Probably today they going to offer you, going to offer you.'  I get up there and they were like, ‘(the lack of an offer) has nothing to do with football."

Sam Webb:  I'm not sure I follow you…

Kaleb Ringer:  "They were like, ‘The reason why you don't have an official offer isn't because of football, because you're a good football player.'  I don't know what that means. That's all he said.  He was like, ‘I want you to be a Buckeye, but (the lack of an offer) has nothing to do with football, Kaleb.' I didn't know how to react.  Am I ugly? Is that what it is? (Laughter)  Do I smell bad? (Laughter). I don't know what it is.  That's what Ohio State gave me and I feel that is really, really disrespectful.  Not that I'm so arrogant, but I feel like I deserve some respect from the state of Ohio that I'm not getting.  Therefore, I look to take my talent elsewhere.  I know I'm going to make a lot of people mad when I do that.  That's not me saying I'm committed just because I was talking to Hoke about that earlier.  I'm not trying to put it out there I'm committed to Michigan, but that's what it is looking like (will eventually happen).  I want to wait it out a little more.  I want to get some other places, get the vibe of it.  I talked to C.J. Barnett.  He is a Northmont graduate with Ohio State.  He is still there.  He hurt his knee week two against Miami and I was at that game so I saw him get hurt."

Sam Webb:  You said things are looking really good for Michigan right now, but what about Michigan State. Javon (Ringer) is your cousin, you grew up a Spartan fan, and they've shown you some love too.  What is Michigan State saying to you right now?

Kaleb Ringer:  "They want me to get on campus.  They were showing love before Michigan was, but then Michigan with this new coaching staff came in and immediately was offering.  Michigan State has not offered.  Michigan State was the only junior day I went to last year.  I know they were talking about offering this spring, but they wanted to get me up to campus before that.  I know they wanted to get me to a basketball game, but I really have not heard a whole lot from them.  One of my coaches said (Michigan State assistant) Coach (Harlon) Barnett had called a couple of weeks ago just to check up on me or whatever.  Some schools are moving kind of slow for me.  I don't know if that is me rushing it or if that is what God wants just to make a way for a certain school to come through."

Sam Webb:  Okay, give me your up to date offer list.

Kaleb Ringer:  "Iowa, Kent State, Michigan, West Virginia, University of Cincinnati, Syracuse, Miami of Ohio, Bowling Green and Toledo."

Sam Webb:  So lay it down for me.  Last time you told me your top three was Cincinnati, Michigan State, and despite your frustrations with the Buckeyes, Ohio State.  What are your top schools now?

Kaleb Ringer:  "Michigan is number one, Cincinnati is number two, and I would give Iowa number three."

Sam Webb:  What besides recruiting do you have going on right now?  Are you going to be doing any track or going to combines or anything?

Kaleb Ringer:  "I anchor the 4x100.  A lot of people can't see that.  I don't know why they can't see that, but I anchor the 4x100.  My coaches make fun of me.  It is like all the 5'5" skinny guys finishing and you see this six foot, 230 pound guy finishing with them.  It just looks like a man amongst boys.  I used to do the open 100 but it is just me tightening myself up into some blocks just didn't look good (laughter).  I figure I can't do that any more."

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