Pictures from the Final Practice Part 2

Here's another set of pictures from the final session of the spring.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the final batch of pictures.

Scott Loeffler coaches Navarre through a jump-pass drill. In this picture, John begins his drop back.

In pic 2 of the drill, John has reached the appropriate depth and prepares to deliver the ball.

In pic 3 of the drill, John leaps in the air and then delivers the ball.

Coach Carr chats with a few players during warm-ups.

Marlin glares at the receiver prior to the snap.

Andy Moeller leads his troops into battle after putting them through line drills.

Willis Barringer going in for the blitz!

Larry Stevens and Lawrence Reid go after Navarre as he delivers the ball to the outside. LeSueur reacts by pursuing in that direction.

David Harris and Pat Massey chase the play.

Jon Shaw comes up to tackle Kevin Murphy. This tackle attempt seems a bit high on a kid Kevin's size!.

Pierre Woods in kick protection.

Gabe Watson, Lwarence Reid, and Pat Massey on the attack!

Massey in punt protection.

Darnell Hood defends his old friend Braylon Edwards on this pass play.

Jeremy Van Alstyne and Ruben Riley lock horns.

HOLDING! Riley neck-ties Jeremy after Jeremy blows by him. Alex Ofili is locked in combat with Courtney Morgan.

David Harris manning the middle of the defense.

Larry Harrison definitely looks the part.

What a beautiful spring sight!

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