GA DE Jones comes from Northern territory

Defensive end Jarontay Jones, out of Stone Mountain, GA, has close to 20 offers from all over the country. However, he tells GoBlueWolverine what his "home state" is.

Jarontay Jones has been offered a scholarship by the University of Michigan. Now ordinarily that would be news for a kid out of Stone Mountain, GA. But for Jones it is even better news because of who and where the school is that offered. "Man, I was happy they offered me. I came up watching Michigan play on Saturday mornings down here in Georgia. Michigan was my favorite school; Michigan is my home state. I am originally from Flint -- I moved down to Georgia around the first grade."

Jarontay has had a chance to speak with the coaching staff at Michigan and get a feel for what they are looking for from him.

"Friday I spoke with Coach Hoke. He is a great guy. Coach was telling about how much they want me at Michigan as well as asking when am I coming to visit."

As is the case with most defensive players that Michigan recruits, they rolled out there secret weapon (although he is no secret to the recruits), Coach Greg Mattison. Mattison continues to impress the defensive players Michigan are recruiting.

"Coach Matty is a good guy. He was telling me some great things -- he told about the great things I could do at Michigan. Coach talked about me running out of the tunnel in front of 115,000 people -- that is something I would really like. Coach Matty said he could turn me into a Terrell Suggs from when he coached for the Ravens -- I enjoyed hearing that. He told me I remind him of Jermaine Cunningham who plays for the New England Patriots."

Growing up watching the Wolverines is what assisted Jones in becoming a fan of some of the players that he has kept a very watchful eye on.

"I always would look at Mike Hart and Lamar Woodley. I really liked those two. I used to wear number 90, and now Lamar is one of the reasons I changed my number to 56. Lamar is a beast on the football field."

With offers from a lot of the top schools he already has made a few visits, to Auburn, Florida and Georgia. At this point he just wants to get a good vibe from the schools.

"I like visiting schools so I can see the campus and the facilities -- so I can get a chance to see them all face to face and have a better feeling about the school."

Jones is very happy to be in the position he is in with all the offers that he has.

"It is a blessing to be in the position that I am in and the love that I am getting from everyone. Having the chance to see these schools in person will help me to get to know everyone better."

As a football player he has an idea of what he likes in a program and what he would like to see them have.

"One of the biggest factors for me is the school's tradition, plus playing time, playing early ... and I want to be close to my coaches. It is important that it feels like a family -- I need that for whatever school I decide to attend."

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