OH OT Dodson visiting Michigan

The massive Cleveland Heights offensive tackle talks about his Michigan offer and upcoming visit to Ann Arbor.

Sam Webb: Let us start first going back to your high school season. How did the season go for you individually and your team collectively?

Kyle Dodson: "It wasn't that great. We went 4-6, but had a lot of injuries. I was injured. I played the last four games, but a lot of the team was injured."

Sam Webb: What was your injury?

Kyle Dodson: "I just hurt my back, but I'm 100% now."

Sam Webb: How did you do in those last four games?

Kyle Dodson: "I did great. I actually started varsity since my sophomore year. So I played my whole sophomore year starting varsity also. I've played 14 games."

Sam Webb: Tell me a little bit about your game. When we watch you on the football field, what will we see?

Kyle Dodson: "I'm really aggressive. That's one of the big things that you're going to notice is that I'm real, real aggressive, competitive. You will see me out there going crazy. When I'm not in the game, you'll see me out there screaming or going wild, going to my teammates, punching them, ‘Let's go!' Yelling and stuff, strong side and all that."

Sam Webb: What is your current height and weight?

Kyle Dodson: "I'm 6'6-1/2" and 310."

Sam Webb: Who have you talked to from Michigan?

Kyle Dodson: "I basically talked to all the coaches. I talked to Coach Mattison. I talk to him a lot. Coach Mattison and Coach Funk."

Sam Webb: What is the vibe like with Coach Mattison?

Kyle Dodson: "He real cool, real cool. I talked about how he used to be the defensive coordinator for the Ravens, talking about Michael Oher and stuff."

Sam Webb: What about Coach Funk?

Kyle Dodson: "He is cool too."

Sam Webb: Have you had a chance to really talk to Coach Hoke yet?

Kyle Dodson: "No not yet. I forgot when I'm supposed to talk to him. Sometime soon."

Sam Webb: So How did you get word at the offer? Was it kind of the blue or had they been on you all along?

Kyle Dodson: "It was not really out of the blue. I had been getting letters from them for a while. They were one of the first schools to start sending me letters. I did not expect the offer though, because letters do not really mean that much unless they are handwritten. I knew they were interested because of the letters. Then they started talking to me more and I started learning more about them. I was real excited. It was like I was when I got the Michigan State offer. I was real, real excited and everything."

Sam Webb: What schools besides Michigan and Michigan State have offered you scholarships?

Kyle Dodson: "Michigan State, Illinois, West Virginia, North Carolina State, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati."

Sam Webb: Are schools recruiting you more as a right tackle or left tackle?

Kyle Dodson: "Left tackle."

Sam Webb: What about Ohio State? I heard you mention a bunch of schools but nothing about Ohio State. What is Ohio State saying to you right now?

Kyle Dodson: "I went to Ohio State a couple of times. Last time I went I saw in Coach Tressel's office and they told me that they loved me and said I'm really one of the recruit they really want. They don't offer many scholarships to people. They only offer I forget 19 or 29 last year. I'm one of those guys that they really want and they said that they are going to offer me as soon as I get an 18 on my ACT."

Sam Webb: Lets talk about recruiting in general. What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

Kyle Dodson: "Number one academics, I want to study criminal justice and see which programs are good at that. Number two is football, team chemistry and see how it is. Number three, surroundings and how the people treat me and everything, just everything that goes into a surrounding around me."

Sam Webb: Have you given any thought to a timeline for when you'd like to wrap your recruitment up?

Kyle Dodson: "I would like to make my decision, but I don't think I'll make it until probably next year, but I'm thinking of graduating early. I might be in college by January."

Sam Webb: If you do decide to graduate early, when do you think you'll have a decision by?

Kyle Dodson: "I'll probably have to make it earlier -- probably during my football season."

Sam Webb: What is going to determine whether or not you do that?

Kyle Dodson: "I kind of want to go because it is going to give me an edge. It is going to get me right earlier and give me a chance to maybe play my freshman year, but then again, I do not know if I really want to waste my senior year like that. You can't really get that back, but I really want to get into college and do all that but that's what I'm stuck on right now if I'm going to do it or not."

Sam Webb: Do you have a favorite at this point?

Kyle Dodson: "My seven right now, are the seven teams that have offered me."

Sam Webb: Have you been up to Michigan before?

Kyle Dodson: "I've been to Michigan, but that was before the coaching change and this was even before they were recruiting me. The summer before my sophomore year, my team went there for a big competition and camp and everything. We went there and they let us practice on their facility the day before the big competition."

Sam Webb: What other schools have you been to?

Kyle Dodson: "I've been Auburn, University of Alabama, Michigan State and Ohio State a couple of times."

Sam Webb: Do you think during the spring that you are going to make it up to Michigan?

Kyle Dodson: "I know very soon we'll be going to Michigan and possibly going back to Michigan State again. The coach was telling me about going to Michigan on the 19th and I was like, ‘if we going to Michigan, why do we not got to Michigan State also and hit them both.' So we can see the Michigan State coaches again and I can meet the Michigan coaches for the first time. I'm probably going to go both of those maybe on the 19th."

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